Adobe Flash Zero Day Vulnerability July 2015 How to Protect Yourself

Today the news is full of scary warnings about yet another ZERO DAY Vulnerability in Adobe Flash. Since Farmville is played on Flash what does this mean to you? Read below for more information and directions on how to upgrade flash to protect yourself. This bug affects both Traditional AND Pepper Flash versions. Please share....

A zero day vulnerability is a weakness in a program that hackers can exploit, and that hackers find before antivirus companies or the company that makes the software – meaning that until a fix is published those programs can be somewhat risky.  Here is an explanation of the vulnerablility from Adobe - Adobe Security Bulletin

Close to the top of the bulletin, Adobe explains what the issue is and who is vulnerable.

From the bulletin

A critical vulnerability (CVE-2015-5119) has been identified in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Successful exploitation could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.  
Adobe is aware of reports that an exploit targeting this vulnerability has been published publicly. Adobe expects to make updates available on July 8, 2015..” 

The good news is that the patch has already been released. (Read more from Adobe here)  You can upgrade to safety right now. If you depend on auto updates, or update notifications, or use a Chrome based browser that includes Pepper Flash in updates, we cannot be sure when those automatic functions will happen. If you wish to protect yourself RIGHT NOW, you will need to upgrade to flash version manually. If your flash version is or below YOU ARE VULNERABLE to this bug.

If you are using a Mozilla Firefox based browser, Internet Explorer or any other non-Chrome based browser OR if you have used flags to re-enable npapi flash on a Chrome based browser - (Click here if you don't know what this means)

Click here  to download NPAPI flash (system flash) Important note : - Adobe attempts to bundle a McAfee Security Scan program with Flash. If you have good anti virus you do not need this and it will take memory better used for your farm. Make sure to uncheck it unless you are certain that you want it.  ALWAYS READ CAREFULLY when installing or updating any free software, and make sure that you only accept optional offers that you actually want.

If you are using CHROME, COMODO DRAGON, OPERA or another Chrome Based browser - follow the step by step directions in this post for how to manually update Pepper Flash.

Very important reminder – while it is easy to be alarmed by zero day vulnerabilities, whether or not you are comfortable with technology normally, it is crucial not to panic. Make sure to NEVER update Flash or Java from a popup on your computer. Always go to the websites for FLASH and JAVA and update from there, making sure READ CAREFULLY and decline any bundled programs. Alternately, you can go into your computer’s control panel and update from there if you are comfortable with that. If you use PEPPERFLASH normally, that updates with the browser and you do not have to do it yourself, except in a patch emergency like today. If you do, again, follow the directions here to do so. The reason that it is so important to never trust a pop-up is that there is a lot of MALWARE that SPOOFS known websites including these and while the pop-ups can look extremely realistic and hovering over them can even show you the real website address, they will redirect you to a  copycat site  and give you a virus.

If you have updated Flash or Java from a pop-up and suspect that you have a virus. Click here for instructions to remove the fake flash popup virus  & here for instructions to remove the fake java popup virus.

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