Repair Or Re-Install System Or Pepperflash In Any Browser

Are you trying to load FarmVille and it says "plugin not found" ? Flash acting odd since your last browser update? Your Dirt Farmer team has a HOT TIP for you to make sure that your flash plugin is not missing or corrupt. Read Below for details and please do share...

First open the browser that you are having an issue with and  Click here

You should then see the following screen, it may or may not reference the browser you are using as the screenshot below references Comodo Dragon.

The first thing you will need to do is select your operating system.

If you do not know what operating system you have, you can find it using Windows Explorer.

To open Windows Explorer  click on the folder on your bottom toolbar if you have it there.

If the folder icon is not there, then you can access Windows Explorer by holding down the Windows key on your keyboard which looks like this.

and then typing the letter E.

When Windows Explorer opens RIGHT click on your c drive which should be toward the bottom, say windows or your name or computer name but will always have a picture of a disc and say C

Then click on properties

You will get a pop up screen showing the operating system at the top.

Once you have selected your operating system you will now need to select your version, For Comodo Dragon, Google Chrome, SrWare Iron, Chromodo, Opera, Chrome Canary, Chromium, Epic, Vivaldi or Torch which are Chromium (chrome based) browser you will need to select PPAPI.

For Firefox, Waterfox, Comodo Ice Dragon, Internet Explorer, Pale Moon or Safari you will need to select NPAPI (please note Edge currently does not support modifying plugins)

Once you have selected both click "download now"

The correct flash player will then download and you can install it as you normally would flash. Remember to  READ CAREFULLY and uncheck any add ons that that they bundle unless you actually want them.

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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