Farmville Treasure Tides Mini Set Market Update

Ahoy thar Matey! Farmville be returnin' scurvy pirate 'n seafarin' decorations to th' market. These items, released under th' Treasure Tides Mini Set Theme gunna be available 'til 8th July 2015. Fences, moats 'n more 'n even some coin items. Arrr! Have a look spy wit' ye eye at th' preview below 'n please do share wit' friends if ye find our message helpful.

Broken Fence, Coral Carriage, Log Fence, Beach Moats and Lost Treasure Moats be among th' returnin' items.  

The Rest of the moat pieces, Pirate Barrel, Pirate Flag, Pirate Boat Ride be reappearin' too. 

Pirate Pumpkin, Ship Dock, Spirit Stone Fence, Tentacle Fence, Coral Reef Arch and Coral Home be roundin' out th' set.

Gunna ye be doin' some decoratin'? Do these items appeal to ye fer Treasure Tides? Do let us be knowin'. Stay tuned to th' Dirt Farmer fer all th' latest Farmville news 'n information

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