Farmville Treasure Tides Farm Decorations

As with every new farm expansion, #Farmville’s brand new Treasure Tides Farm will have its own unique decorations which will fit the pirate theme of this new farm... Personally i adore them especially the mermaids.. Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at these brand new decorations and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville Treasure Tides Farm, check out the Dirt Farmer’s Treasure Tides Complete Guide

Becky Gnomette Islander Gnomette One-eyed Jack Gnome Sand Buried Gnome
Traveler Gnome Wicked Gnomette Broken Bridge Moat Broken Bridge Moat 2
Broken Bridge Moat 3 Broken Bridge Moat 4 Broken Bridge Moat 5 Broken Bridge Moat 6
Jetty Moat Jetty Moat 2 Jetty Moat 3 Jetty Moat 4
Jetty Moat 5 Jetty Moat 6 Ancient Lighthouse Ancient Rock
Barrel Bush Barrel of Goodies Boarding Party Gnomes Boat Hammock
Booty Skull Cave Broken Stone Tile Bubbleball Ship Canon Boat
Castaway Gnome Cloudy Windmill Coastal Tower Coral Bed
Coral Fences Coral Palm Hammock Cosy Lighthouse Cozy Island
Diving Bell Dolphin Banner Dolphin Lagoon Double Points Statue
Double Points Trophy Explorer Tree House Explorer Vehicle Farm Sign Post
Fat Pirate Fighting Gnomes Giant Pirate Statue Hidden Waterfall
Jellyfish Lanterns Kraken Treasure Log Wood Wreck Looter Horse
Mangrove Tree Marooned Raccoon Mermaid Fountain Mermaid Lagoon
Mermaid Water Pond Mini Skull Cave Monkey Guard Mossy Shipwreck
Nemo’s Nautilus Oyester Piggies  Pirate Air Ship Pirate Battle Ship
Pirate Couple Pirate Scarecrow Pirate Skull Play Shop
Powder Keg Rocky Treehouse Rusted Wheel Fence Sandy Boathouse
Sea Anchor Sea Crystal Fence Seafarer Throne Sea God Statue
Seashell Path Singing Mermaid Sleeping Mermaid Starfish Colony
Sunbathing Mermaid Survivors Gateway Winged Swashbuckler The Black Spire
Tire Dock Treasure Lookout Duck Tribal Arch Trident Fence
Triple Head Volcano Twisted Lighthouse Unanchored Watcher Wolf

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info..

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