Farmville Treasure Tides Farm Treasure Hunter's Tavern

As with the last several farms, Farmville’s new Treasure Tides Farm will have a gift building in which you will open presents with craftable/ crop generated points that will ultimately lead to the gift of an unwither ring. This time it’s the aptly named Treasure Hunter’s Tavern. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

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A look at the popup that we will get when the feature goes live

A look at the interface within

A Look at the stages of the building

This time we’ll be needing Doubloons to unlock the Blacksmith's Forge prizes.. As with every unwither ring building, we’ll be able to craft different recipes for Forged Coins in the craftshop.

Doubloon Three Doubloons Five Doubloons

Recipe Name Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Time To Craft
8 Hours / 480 Minutes
Doubloon 5 Skull Poppy 3 Buccaneer Pumpkin 3 Seawave Orange
10 Hours / 600 Minutes
Three Doubloons 4 Seashell Weed 5 Tiarelli 4 Toxic Apple
12 Hours / 720 Minutes
Five Doubloons 5 Tropical Blooms 5 Seashell Weed 5 Seawave Orange

And finally a look at the CONFIRMED rewards we’ll be redeeming with these Doubloons

LevelParts Total: 974Reward
Level 1Coastal Tower
1 x DoubloonCoastal Tower
Level 2Organic Fertilizer
3 x DoubloonSuper Fertilizer
Level 3Play Shop
4 x DoubloonPlay Shop
Level 4Powder Keg
5 x DoubloonPowder Keg
Level 5Insta Grow Pack
6 x Doubloon1 Insta Grow Pack
Level 6Knitted Panda
7 x DoubloonKnitted Panda
Level 7Diving Bell
8 x DoubloonDiving Bell
Level 83 pack of Turbo Chargers
9 x Doubloon3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 9Corsair Flamingo
10 x DoubloonCorsair Flamingo
Level 10Package of Treasure Tides Treasure Parts
12 x DoubloonPackage of Treasure Tides Treasure Parts
Level 11Captain Kiddy Cat
13 x DoubloonCaptain Kiddy Cat
Level 12Farm Hands
15 x Doubloon5 Farmhands
Level 13Boarding party gnomes
19 x DoubloonBoarding party gnomes
Level 143 Unwithers
21 x Doubloon3 Unwithers
Level 15Jetty Moat Package
22 x DoubloonJetty Moat Package
Level 16Insta Grow Pack
25 x DoubloonInsta Grow Pack
Level 17Balefire Tree
27 x DoubloonBalefire Tree
Level 183 pack of Turbo Chargers
30 x Doubloon3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 19Marooned Racoon
35 x DoubloonMarooned Raccoon
Level 20Arborists
38 x Doubloon5 Arborists
Level 21Lateen Sail Tree
43 x DoubloonLateen Sail Tree
Level 223 Unwithers
46 x Doubloon3 Unwithers
Level 23Ambitious Adventurer Beaver
50 x DoubloonAmbitious Adventurer Beaver
Level 24Package of Treasure Tides Treasure Parts
55 x DoubloonPackage of Treasure Tides Treasure Parts
Level 25Lazy Pirate Turtle
60 x DoubloonLazy Pirate Turtle
Level 263 pack of Turbo Chargers
65 x Doubloon3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 27Harbour Wench Horse
75 x DoubloonHarbour Wench Horse
Level 28Pirate of the Orient
85 x DoubloonPirate of the Orient
Level 29Blackbearded Bison
90 x DoubloonBlackbearded Bison
Level 30Admiral UnicornUnwither Ring Pack
95 x DoubloonUnwither Ring Pack
(Admiral Unicorn +
Treasure Tides Unwither Ring)

It looks like we will also get an Admiral Unicorn along with the unwither ring

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