Farmville Treasure Tides Farm Animals

As with every new expansions, #Farmville’s brand new Treasure Tides will have its own unique animals which will fit the pirate theme of the new farm perfectly. Check out The Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek and please don’t forget to share it with you friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville Treasure Tides Farm, check out the Dirt Farmer’s Treasure Tides Complete Guide

Captain BearCaptain Black BearPirate Perry BearAmbitious Adventurer Beaver
Prince BeaverStriker CheetahLilac Rollers BirdMarvin Macaw
Pirate ParrotBlack Bearded BisonBuccaneer CatCaptain Accordian Cat
Captain Kiddy CatHenchman CatPirate Chums ChimpanzeeCaptain Crab
Skully Hermit CrabPachiko MaltyPirate PugVoyager Husky
Yellow and Black Angelfish DolphinDragon Fish DuckieEmperor Angel DuckSailor Girl Fox
Seafarer FoxCorsair FlamingoExotic Sea LionFirst Mate Toucan
Tribal Scroll EagleTribal ToucanParrot GoatSail Master Gorilla
Sailor HippoPowder MonkeySea King MonkeySpy Glass Monkey
The Great PiratFishing PandaKnitted PandaPatches Panda
Pirate Rockhopper PenguinLady PigQuack Sparrow PigScarf Pig
Buccaneer BunnyLookout BunnyPirate RaccoonExotic SeaHorse
Explorer SealAdventurer SheepSailor SheepZoanthid Sheep

Giant Forest TurtleLazy Pirate TurtleGolden Tail Wolf

Bulls, Cows and Calves
Boat Swain BullBoat Swain Bull CalfCabo Frio CowCabo Frio Calf
Captain CowCaptain CalfCody CowCody Calf
King CowKing CalfSailor CowSailor Calf

Sailor Jimmy CowSailor Jimmy Calf

Chicken and Eggs
Audra ChickenAudra EggShell ChickenShell Egg

Magic Deer and Fawns
Cloaked DeerCloaked FawnCoral DeerCoral Fawn
Dark Striped DeerDark Striped FawnIsland Riches DeerIsland Riches Fawn

Tropic DeerTropic Fawn

Horse and Foals
Aqua HorseAqua FoalFirst Mate HorseFirst Mate Foal
Gold Digger HorseGold Digger FoalHarbour Wench HorseHarbour Wench Foal
Marauder HorseMarauder FoalMossy Wood HorseMossy Wood Foal
PearlMaid HorsePearlMaid FoalPirate of The Orient HorsePirate of The Orient Foal
Raider HorseRaider FoalRed Sea HorseRed Sea Foal
Sea HorseSea FoalSea Wave HorseSea Wave Foal
Swashbuckling HorseSwashbuckling FoalWavy HorseWavy Foal

Pegacorns and Foals
Islander PegacornIslander Pegacorn FoalLion Fish PegacornLion Fish Pegacorn Foal
Sea Shell PegacronSea Shell Pegacron FoalSeaSoul PegacornSeaSoul Pegacorn Foal

Pegasi and Foals
Betta Winged Peagasus PegasusBetta Winged Peagasus Pegasus FoalCaribbean PegasusCaribbean Pegasus Foal
Island Protector PegasusIsland Protector Pegasus FoalLantern PegasusLantern Pegasus Foal
Pegasus of SeasPegasus of Seas FoalSeafarer PegasusSeafarer Pegasus Foal

Shell Crown PegasusShell Crown Pegasus Foal

Ponies and Foals
Cabin Boy PonyCabin Boy Pony FoalDeck Sweep PonyDeck Sweep Pony Foal
Horace PonycornHorace Ponycorn FoalLizzie PonycornLizzie Ponycorn Foal
Navigator PonyNavigator Pony FoalPeriwinkle PonyPeriwinkle Pony Foal

Sea PonySea Pony Foal

Unicorns and Foals
Admiral UnicornAdmiral Unicorn FoalCloaked UnicornCloaked Unicorn Foal

Sparkle Sea UnicornSparkle Sea Unicorn Foal

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info..

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