Farmville Express UPDATED Complete Guide To What You Need To Know

Have you been using Farmville Express? Frustrated because you can't catch up on tasks beyond Jade Falls? Your Dirt Farmer team has great news for you! Farmville Express has now been UPDATED to support all farms. For those that don't use it - and those that do - we have a guide for you to what it does and how it might help you. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

Special thanks to Farmer Jeanne for pointing out the update, Dirt Farmer Robbin for helping test the updates and to Dirt Farmer Eric for image assistance with this post. 

First of all what is Farmville Express?

Farmville Express is a scaled down mobile version of Farmville. It is not an app, but a website and can be found at It can be accessed on a smart phone or tablet, or even on your computer by following the directions in this post. Farmville Express is a quick and easy way to harvest and plant crops, post for quest needs and accept and return gifts - handy when the gift envelope is having issues in the browser. 

When you first load the site, you will see the old scratch and win game (bizarrely enough) as well as useful information including what quests are currently active on your farms, what crops or plots are available on your farms and what gifts/ help requests and neighbor requests are currently in your inbox. This is particularly handy if the request envelope is giving you trouble in the browser, as it will often work in Farmville Express(note at the present time, accepting help requests does not appear to be working)

Directly under crops you will see a field to tap if you wish to change farms.

As you can see, the menu now shows all farms except Angler's Pond (and you can't plant anything there anyway). This is a huge improvement as we have not been able to tend farms beyond Jade Falls in the past. One thing to know - if you close out Farmville Express on a farm past Jade Falls, it will still send you back to the Home Farm - so if home is difficult for you to load in your browser, make sure to travel back to Jade Falls, Winter Wonderland, Lighthouse Cove or English Countryside, whichever is easiest for you to load before leaving the Farmville Express site. 

What can you do with Farmville Express?

Harvest and replant crops

 (you will need to tap once per plot, if you do not wish to spend Farm Cash but the benefit is that you do not use any fuel)

When you travel to a farm you can simply being tapping the lower plow and plant to replant the same crop, or the plow and plant all for 2 Farm Cash. If you wish to plant a different crop, simply tap the change button directly under the crop image (the change farms button is for travel only)

This will bring up a list of crop options for that farm. Conveniently enough it also shows your current mastery, which is helpful if you're working on a BEAT event or just mastering crops. 

Simply tap anywhere on the line with the crop you wish to plant. You will then see the image of the new crop in the "plant field". Then simply choose your plow and plant option and tap as needed. 

You will see a counter to let you know how many crops you have replaced with each tap, in case you do not wish to replant the entire field.

Dirt Farmers Robbin and Heather tested this on several farms and it is working perfectly. Crops are as they should be when returning to browser. 

You can also accept gifts and help requests (help requests don't seem to be working currently but check each time you load as this is unlikely to last long) The first two will preview and you can find the rest of your envelope contents under "see all messages"

Help requests simply give the person's name and profile picture (redacted for privacy) and say " needs help" The only option is to accept, there is no accept and send option, which we know that accept sends the requested item, accept and send in the envelope in browser would also send a special delivery.

Other options include the posting and crop aspects of quests - crafting must be done in the browser. 

and sending free gifts of your choice

Finally a look at Farmville Express on the computer.

Why would you want to use Farmville Express on your computer? (A touch screen computer is not necessary, you can click anywhere you would have tapped)

  • To save on fuel - Farmville Express does not use it.
  • If you just want to plant or harvest  a crop or check the status of one on a larger/cluttered hard to use farm.
  • If you're in a hurry and don't have time to travel and reload after several farms. Travel is instant with no travel screen on Farmville  Express.
  • If you are harvesting/replanting seed package crops and don't have quite enough - Farmville Express will let you finish anyway.

That's all for now - stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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  1. This is so awesome! I will probably start playing more now! :)

  2. Its great and been waiting for it long time ago.🎉🎊🎉
    hope soon animals, buildings and trees will be on farmville express too.

  3. What about Phantom Valley and Alpine Jingle?


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