DF’s Weekly Reminder June 7-14



DF’s Weekly Reminder  is to help the Farmville Players to see what is going on each week, like Trees and Animals coming out to Quests and Voting Events.  Also included is information about the weekly Radio Show and other pages which is administered by the Dirt Farmer Team.  We hope the information you find here is helpful and please share this with your friends.





Tree   List

Animal List

 June 7, 2015
Green World Tree
Reused Bottles Tree


June 8,2015
Squirrel Saloon Tree
Giant Squirrel Saloon Tree


June 9, 2015
Hair Curler Tree
Pooch Dryer Tree
Giant Hair Curler Tree
Giant Pooch Dryer tree


June 11, 2015
Scarfy Tree
Giant Scarfy Tree


June 14, 2015
Mushroom Waterfall Tree
Fountain Palm Tree

 June 7, 2015
Gardener Cow
Clean Up Donkey
Recycled Steel Horse

 June 8,2015
Native Sheriff Pegasus
Gold Spotted Horse


June 9, 2015
Hair Steamer Foal
Pink Blanket Unicorn Foal



June 11, 2015
Pride Parade Unicorn Foal


June 14, 2015

Unavailable at this time





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I hope you find this info useful ……  Happy Farming!!

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