List Of Chickens That Will NOT Reproduce In Their Own Eggs

Chicken with Giant Backpack
Have you ever wondered what Chickens are out there that will NOT reproduce in their own eggs in those Farmville Chicken Coops??  Here is the list that some players have been asking for.  You can copy , print and then check off the ones you have mastered or missed.  Special thanks to Farmer Cathy and Farmer Rob who helped me compile this list.                   

 *Some will reproduce the Lava, White, Golden, English,  Apple, Snowflake and Araucana Eggs.
Apple Chicken
Araucana Chicken                                 Beach Chicken
Berry Chicken
Big Chicken (all types like Big Skeleton, Big Wizard etc.)
Bubble Chicken
Bunny Hoodie Chicken
Buttercup Chicken
Candy Corn Chicken

Ceres Chicken
Charleston Chicken
Chef Chicken
Chicken Cheer - White
Chicken Dancer
Chicken Joy – White
Chicken with Giant Backpack
Clover  Chicken – Golden
Cocktail Chicken
Coconut Puff Chicken
Crusader Chicken
Denim Overalls Chicken
Dorking Chicken – English
Dragonfly Chicken
Elf Chicken
Environmentalist Chicken
Fall Fairy Chicken
Fire Chicken
Gardener Chicken
Giant (all types like Giant Jersey,Giant Sabertooth etc.) – Golden
Glitter Tutu Chicken
Golden Girl Chicken
Golden Jewel Chicken
Golden Polish Chicken
Great Prairie Chicken
Green Silkie Chicken
Gym Class Chicken
Hammer Chicken
Horus Chicken
Invisible Chicken
Jazz Chicken
Jet pack Chicken
Levitating Chicken - White
Light Shades Chicken
Lunar New Year Chicken
Marans Chicken
Marionette Chicken
Marshmallow Chicken – Golden
Modern Game Chicken
Mother Chicken
New Hampshire Red Chicken
Nightgown and Cap Chicken
Nightmare Chicken – Candy Corn
Orpington Chicken - Araucana
Orange Chicken
Pajama Chicken
Paradise Chicken

Pilgrim Chicken – Golden
Pilot Chicken
Plundering Prairie Chicken
Plush Chicken – Golden
Porcelain Chicken
Pumpkin Chicken – Golden
Pumpkin Belly Chicken
Rabbit Ears Chicken
Rainbow Fantasy Chicken
Red Sweater Chicken
Rubber Chicken
Sea Chicken – Candy Corn
Sebright Chicken
Skiing Chicken – Snowflake
Skinny Chicken
Sky Blue Chicken
Silkie Chicken
Snow Chicken – Apple
Spa Chicken
Space Alien Chicken
Spring Chicken
Stooge Chicken
Super Chicken – Golden
Sussex Chicken
Umbrella Chicken
Undead Chicken
Workout Chicken
Wreath Chicken – Golden

If you find this  list helpful please share this post with friends.    Happy Farming!

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  1. i have been able to get my coop to produce the fall fairy eggs and penguin eggs

  2. I don't think the list is correct...some of them give me their eggs......

  3. I think the list is not correct...some of them give me their eggs..such as hammer chicken, Giant Jersey e.t.c

  4. Is there a way to get chickens that don't reproduce ?

  5. Is there a way to get chickens that don't reproduce ?


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