Farmville VIP Membership Updates

The Farmville Studio has made some updates to the VIP program with a look at the new perks available for the Diamond Level, including a new exclusive unicorn every month, and will also be adding some exclusive market items for all VIP members. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

As shown in the preview that you get when you click on Diamond from within your membership, Diamond will offer the 800 additional bushel storage, the extra 5% discount on land expansions, the  30 Farm Cash per week which adds up to 120 Farm Cash per month, 12 free super fertilizers monthly and a free exclusive unicorn every month.  There are rumors floating of a specific start date for these, but they are incorrect. The unicorns will begin to be granted the month that your renewal brings you to Diamond Membership. This is the 12th month from your join date and will vary by member depending on the date that you joined. 

The unicorns will be granted monthly in the following order - Glass Princess, Floral, Night Fire, Prima Donna, Perky, Interstellar, Arctic Princess, Fluffy Cloudy, Night Princess, Warrior Princess, Knitted, Aviator - of course you must remain a member to get your monthly unicorn.

Now for a look at the unicorns. 

Arctic Princess Unicorn

Aviator Unicorn

Floral Unicorn

Fluffy Cloudy Unicorn

Glass Princess  Unicorn

Interstellar Unicorn

Knit Unicorn

Night Fire Unicorn

Night Princess Unicorn

Perky Unicorn

Prima Donna Unicorn

Warrior Princess Unicorn

A look at the foals that the unicorns will produce.

Arctic Princess Unicorn Foal

Aviator Unicorn Foal

Floral Unicorn Foal

Fluffy Cloudy Unicorn Foal

Glass Princess  Unicorn Foal

Interstellar Unicorn Foal

Knit Unicorn Foal

Night Fire Unicorn Foal

Night Princess Unicorn Foal

Perky Unicorn Foal

Prima Donna Unicorn Foal

Warrior Princess Unicorn Foal

In addition to the unicorns, which are exclusive to DIAMOND VIP members, the Farmville Studio has also coded a series of market items that will apparently only be purchasable by VIP members (Level does not seem to matter for these) as we let you know in this post on our Fan Page

Aside from the above image,  and oddly enough, the small image of the Peacock Sparkle Pony below, everything related to this feature is invisible, but we can tell you that these animals will transform in some way, and let you know the names, costs and dates.  These items will not be free, they will have a farm cash price.  We believe, as of now, that only VIP members will be able to purchase these animals.

Item Name
Expected Release Dates

Nature King Deer
1st June – 8th June, 2015
22 Farm Cash
Spring Surprise Rooster
1st June – 8th June, 2015
18 Farm Cash

Arabian Shine Elephant
8th June – 15th June, 2015
17 Farm Cash
Gold Spotted Horse
8th June – 15th June, 2015
26 Farm Cash

Galactic Soldier Duck
15th June – 22nd June, 2015
16 Farm Cash
Enchanted Swirl Pegacorn
15th June – 22nd June, 2015
30 Farm Cash

Glowy Meadow Pegasus
22nd June – 29th June, 2015
30 Farm Cash
Peacock Sparkle Pony
22nd June – 29th June, 2015
24 Farm Cash

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