Crafting Smarter & More Easily - Tips For Leveling Up Helping Friends and Managing Fuel

Ever wonder if there was an easier way to level up your Farmville Crafting Cottages? How to best help your friends? How about what all those different feed posts from the cottage mean? Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you with the ins and outs and tips and tricks to maximize the benefits you and your friends get from crafting. Special thanks to Farmer Barbara for the idea, and to Dirt Farmer Wendy for assistance with images and post title. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

News Feed Posts

The most important thing to know about news feed posts from Crafting Cottages is that they  DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH LEVELING UP GOODS OR COTTAGES.  They do not help the person posting level up and they do not help the person claiming level up. News feed posts give the person claiming the post fuel and do not do or give anything to the person posting.

There are three different types of news feed posts of crafts.

  • The share when you complete the first craft in a cottage.
  • The share when you level up a recipe
  • The gift the game asks you to post when you buy goods from a friend from within your cottage.

Now lets take a look at each type, how they work and what they offer.

When you COMPLETE the first craft in a given cottage after loading your farm, the game will invite you to share one with your friends.

The wording on this type of post is (name) “wants to share” followed by the level and type of good. This is a bit misleading.

When you claim a good from a post that says (name) “wants to share some” , you will only receive a level 5 good, worth 50 units of fuel in your cottage to trade for fuel.

When you LEVEL UP a good in one of your crafting cottages the game will give you a pop-up to share a post for that as well.

If you do not share all of the posts from your crafting cottages, these are the best ones to share. They give your friend a good at the actual level you reached.

So if you claim a good from a feed post that says  (name) “Just improved” you will receive a good at the level displayed in the post to trade for the number of units of fuel that level gives.  To find out how many units of fuel you are able to trade each level of good for check out the Dirt Farmer’s Crafting Cottage Level Up Chart.

The third type of post that you can share from your crafting cottage is the one that you are invited to share after purchasing a good from a friend from within the crafting cottage. These work a little differently than they did in the past.

The “Thank you” posts no longer post to your friend who you purchased from’s wall. They post to your wall and any three friends can claim from them.

These posts which start with (name) “just bought” work exactly the same as the posts that say (name) “wants to share” . That is – regardless of the level of the good that was purchased, when you claim from one of these posts, you will only receive a level 5 good in your crafting cottage to trade for 50 units of fuel.

There is still a feed limit of 400 per day, that includes only certain items, like bushels, fuel and coin bonuses. If you find yourself seeing a countdown of how many more rewards you can accept from your friends today often, you may wish to avoid the “wants to share” and “just bought” posts, since they only give you 50 units of fuel, and do not help the poster in any way. Instead stick to claiming the “leveled up” posts which will give you a good to trade for fuel at the actual level.


To read more about the feed limit, click here.


Helping Friends

The ONLY way to help your friends level up their goods is to BUY their goods for coins from within the crafting cottage.

When you buy goods from a friend, they get 1 mastery point to help them level up that good – it means one less they have to make until their next level up. You get a good to trade for the amount of fuel that good sells for.

When a friend buys goods from you, you get 1 mastery point to help you level up that good – it is one less you have to make until your next level up. You also get a large percentage of the coins they spent to purchase your good.  They get a good at the level they bought to trade for the amount of fuel that level gives.

The game can display your friends’ goods in two ways.

 The default shows their lowest level goods first. As it takes fewer goods to level up a lower level recipe, you can help them more by buying their lower level goods.

If you click on the button in the upper right that says  “highest level” it will change the sort to display your friend’s highest level goods first. If you are low on fuel, buying higher level goods will help you accumulate fuel faster, as higher level goods give more fuel. They also cost more coins. (The coin price and fuel amount both stop growing at level 100).

Leveling Up
The only way to level up your own goods is to MAKE or SELL goods. You get mastery credit for the unit when you make it, not when  you complete it, so you can use the Crafting Cottage Level Up Trick   and buy and sell your cottage to level up faster. Before attempting this, read   Buying Crafting Cottages For Coins  to make certain that you can get it back for coins.


While many of the recent crafting cottages offer one hour recipes, the majority of the one hour recipes have much higher mastery numbers – requiring as many as 8 goods to be made or sold to get even from level 1 to level 2 and increasing from there. Be careful of focusing on these recipes to level up. Even if you harvest and re-craft immediately when they are ready, you don’t shave off much time and you use a lot more bushels. The Magical Toy Town crafting cottage is not like this, but the Witcher Hut on Horseman’s Hollow, Glass Blower on Avalon Wilderlands, Potion’s Workshop on Avalon The Kingdom and Village Workshop on Wild West Ranch are. However, there are 2 to 3 sixty minute recipes in each cottage which level up normally without the very high mastery numbers. All of these are two star recipes. Focusing on these is a very good way to speed up your leveling if you have time and bushels to keep completing and re-crafting.

In the Witcher Hut the recipes are the Scary Wig and Scare Potion

In the Glass Blower the recipes are the Wedding Flute Set, Cruet Set and Blue Blossom Goblet.

In the Potions Workshop, the recipes are the Morphosis Potion, Nightmare Potion  and Antidote of Mishap.

In the Village Workshop the recipes are the Wagon Wheel, Leather Saddle and Cackleberry Soup.

Why is buying bushels so slow?
Bushels in the crafting cottages load slowly because the game is pulling so much data. When you click on a friend it pulls data for every bushel they have for sale, not just the one you need. If you have friends who play casually or just one farm and you know they grow fewer types of crops, they will be more likely to load quickly when you click on their name for a bushel you need.

That’s all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information

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