List of Dragons to Breed

It’s NEW and It’s TIME to breed your dragons here on Farmville at the Avalon Kingdom Farm. Here is a list of the Dragons that you can breed in the Dragon Eyrie. You can copy, print and then check off the ones you have or need to master.  Click this link for the Complete Guide for Dragon Breeding

DISCLAIMER-  We don't know when or if this feature will be released. Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer.
List updated 26th, April 2015

Bejeweled Beauty Blue Dragon
Bejeweled Beauty Green Dragon
Bejeweled Beauty Pink Dragon
Bejeweled Beauty Red Dragon

Bejeweled Beauty Yellow Dragon
Elder Dark Blue Dragon
Elder Dark Green Dragon
Elder Pink Dragon
Elder Purple Dragon
Elder Red Dragon
Fairie Blue Dragon
Fairie Pink Dragon
Fairie Purple Dragon
Fairie Red Dragon
Fairie Yellow Dragon
Fiery Fury Blue Dragon
Fiery Fury Dark Green Dragon
Fiery Fury Dark Purple Dragon
Fiery Fury Orange Dragon
Fiery Fury Red Dragon
Ice Haze Blue Dragon
Ice Haze Orange Dragon
Ice Haze Pink Dragon
Ice Haze Purple Dragon
Ice Haze Yellow Dragon
Lacy Wing Blue Dragon
Lacy Wing Green Dragon
Lacy Wing Orange Dragon
Lacy Wing Pink Dragon
Lacy Wing Yellow Dragon
Midnight Storm Blue Dragon
Midnight Storm Dark Blue Dragon
Midnight Storm Dark Orange Dragon
Midnight Storm Dark Purple Dragon
Midnight Storm Red Dragon
Painted Glass Blue Dragon
Painted Glass Green Dragon
Painted Glass Pink Dragon
Painted Glass Red Dragon
Painted Glass Yellow Dragon
Super Speckled Blue Dragon
Super Speckled Green Dragon
Super Speckled Pink Dragon
Super Speckled Purple Dragon
Super Speckled Yellow Dragon
Wild Flower Blue Dragon
Wild Flower Green Dragon
Wild Flower Pink Dragon
Wild Flower Red Dragon
Wild Flower Yellow Dragon
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