List of Bonsai Trees Released

Amethyst Bonsai         Rhododendron Bonsai II        Amethyst Bonsai
Are you curious about all the Bonsai Trees released in the game??  
Here is the list that some players have asking for.
You can copy, print and then check off the ones you have or need.
Click the link to see the Bonsai’s that are storable in the Bonsai Garden

List Updated  22th June, 2017.

Adenium Bonsai
Adenium Bonsai II
Aquatic Bonsai Tree
Aquatic Bonsai Tree II
Amethyst Bonsai
Amethyst Bonsai II
Andromeda Bonsai
Andromeda Bonsai II
Azalea Bonsai
Azalea Bonsai II
Barberry Bonsai

Barberry Bonsai II
Bamboo Bonsai
Bamboo Bonsai II
Beech Bonsai
Beech Bonsai II
Big Bonsai Tree
Bonsai Tree
Bonsai Blossom Tree
Bonsai Bobbing Apple Tree
Bonsai Bobbing Apple II

Bonsai Weeping Willow
Brazilian Rain Bonsai
Brazilian Rain Bonsai II
Camellia Bonsai
Camellia Bonsai II
Candycorn Bonsai
Candycorn Bonsai II
Cherry Bonsai
Cherry Bonsai II
Chinese Perfume Bonsai
Chinese Perfume Bonsai II
Christmas Bonsai
Christmas Bonsai II
Chrysanthmum Bonsai
Chrysanthemum Bonsai II
Crabapple Bonsai
Crabapple Bonsai II
Crape Myrtle Bonsai
Crape Myrtle Bonsai II
Crown of Thorn Bonsai
Flowery Bonsai
Delphinium Bonsai II
Desert Rose Bonsai
Desert Rose Bonsai II
Dogwood Bonsai
Dogwood Bonsai II
Dutch Tulip Bonsai Tree
Dwarf Plum Bonsai
Dwarf Plum Bonsai II
Fir Bonsai
Fir Bonsai Tree II
Flowery Bonsai
Flowery Bonsai II
Forsythia Bonsai II
Fringe Bonsai
Fringe Bonsai II

Frozen Cream Bonsai
Fuchsia Bonsai
Fuchsia Bonsai II
Gardenia Bonsai
Gem Bonsai Tree

Giant Amethyst Bonsai
Giant Big Bonsai Tree

Giant Bonsai Weeping Willow
Giant Harmony Bonsai Tree
Giant Marshmallow Bonsai

Ginkgo Bonsai
Ginkgo Bonsai II

Gold Cascade Bonsai
Grape Bonsai II
Habanero Bonsai II
Harmony Bonsai Tree
Holiday Bonsai Tree
Hibiscus Bonsai
Hibiscus Bonsai II
Honeysuckle Bonsai
Honeysuckle Bonsai II
Jellybean Bonsai Tree
Key Lime Bonsai
Key Lime Bonsai II
King's Bonsai Tree
Lantana Bonsai
Lantana Bonsai II
Lavender Star Bonsai
Lavender Star Bonsai II
Lilac Bonsai
Lilac Bonsai II
Magic Bonsai Tree
Magic Crown of Thorn Bonsai
Magic Dutch Tulip Bonsai Tree

Magic Frozen Cream Bonsai
Magic Gardenia Bonsai
Magic Gem Bonsai
Magic Gum Bonsai II
Magic Holiday Bonsai Tree
Magic Maple Bonsai II
Magic Pink Azalea Bonsai

Magic Pink Bonsai
Magic Pink Harmony Bonsai Tree
Magic Pink Perfume Bonsai
Magic Porcelain Ginkgo Bonsai Tree
Magic Rainbow Gem Bonsai Tree
Magic Red Poppy Bonsai Tree

Magic Steampunk Bonsai
Magic Storm Bonsai
Magic Treasure Chest Bonsai
Magic Yarn Bonsai
Magnolia Bonsai
Magnolia Bonsai II
Maple Bonsai
Maple Bonsai II
Maple Cookie Bonsai

Marshmallow Bonsai
Neea Bonsai II
Orange Bonsai
Orange Bonsai II

Pink Almond Bonsai
Pink Almond Bonsai II
Pink Azalea Bonsai

Pink Bonsai
Pink Harmony Bonsai Tree
Plum Bonsai II
Pomegrante Bonsai
Pomergrante Bonsai II
Porcelain Ginkgo Bonsai Tree
Powder Puff Bonsai
Powder Puff Bonsai II
Quince Bonsai
Quince Bonsai II
Rainbow Chili Bonsai II
Rainbow Gem Bonsai Tree
Rainbow Prism Bonsai
Red Poppy Bonsai Tree
Red Ribbon Bonsai II
Red Rose Bonsai
Red Rose Bonsai II
Rhododendron Bonsai
Rhododendron Bonsai II
Star Bonsai II

Steampunk Bonsai
Sweet Gum Bonsai

Treasure Chest Bonsai
Tulip Bonsai
Tulip Bonsai II
Weeping Willow Bonsai
Weeping Willow Bonsai II

White Jasmine Bonsai
White Jasmine Bonsai II
White Pine Bonsai II
White Wisteria
White Wisteria Bonsai II
Wisteria Bonsai
Wisteria Bonsai II
Yarn Bonsai
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