Farmville Wild West Ranch Farm Animals

As with every new farm expansion, Zynga #Farmville will have brand new animals for the all new Wild West themed expansion, #Farmville Wild West Ranch farm. Wild West wouldn’t be Wild West without gun slingers, bandits, sheriffs, cowboys and  saloon girls.. We’ll have all that and many more Wild West themed animals.. Check out The Dirt Farmer post for more info and a sneak peek at the images we have found for you and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville Wild West Ranch Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer's Wild West Ranch Complete Guide

Bearded Bear
Rail Track Beaver
Bounty Hunter Road Runner
Great Grey Owl
Postman Eagle
Buffalo Bill
Desert Buffalo
Steppe Bandit Buffalo
Exotic Bactrian Camel
Hay Strand Cat
Cat In Hat
Lasso Chimp
Cow Bulldog
Miner Dog
Sheriff’s Dog
Sheriff Dachshund
Wild West Sheepdog
Cow Boy Duckie
Judge Duck
Shepherd Duck
Coquette Fox
Desert Fox
Gunslinger Koala
Marbled Polecat
Rancher Armadilo
Sand Dune Bull
Settler Meerkat
Quick Draw Giraffe
Desert Goat
Pinkerton Kangaroo
Tumbleweed Monkey
Pilgrim Mouse
Pioneer Panda
Masked Pig
Outlaw Pig
Rooster From Ranch
Marshall Sheep
Sheep of Wild West
Bandit CatLawman Chimp
Blackjack DogSheriff DuckDance Hall VixenAccordion Owl
Outlaw MouseMiner PandaRancher PigDesperado Racoon

Sharpshooter WoldTeepee Chief Wolf

Bull, Cow and Calves
Wild Willie Cow
Wild Willie Cow Calf
Exotic Kudu Bull
Exotic Kudu Bull Calf
Long Horn Cow
Long Horn Calf
Southern Cow
Southern Calf
Wild Highland Cow
Wild Highland Calf
Rodeo BullRodeo Bull Calf 
Bargirl CowBargirl CalfGunslinger CowGunslinger Calf
Outlaw CowOutlaw CalfRanch Longhorn CowRanch Longhorn Calf

Chicken and Eggs
Gun Spinner Chicken
Gun Spinner Egg
Lasso Chicken
Lasso Egg
Poker Chicken
Poker Egg

Magic Deer and Fawns
Sunset Deer
Sunset Fawn
Wild Cowboy Deer
Wild Cowboy Fawn

Horse and Foals
Bandit Horse
Bandit Foal
Cowboy Horse
Cowboy Foal
Cowboy Bronco Horse
Cowboy Bronco Foal
Desert Shine Horse
Desert Shine Foal
Gunman Poncho Horse
Gunman Poncho Foal
Gun Slinger Horse
Gun Slinger Foal
Palomino Mare
Palomino Mare Foal
Ranch Horse
Ranch Foal
Rodeo Mare
Rodeo Mare Foal
Sherriff Mare
Sherriff Mare Foal
Steppe Horse
Steppe Foal
Sunset Horse
Sunset Foal
Brave HorseBrave FoalRode Show HorseRodeo Show Foal

Pegacorn and Foals
Saloon Girl Pegacorn
Saloon Girl Pegacorn Foal

Cowboy PegacornCowboy Pegacorn Foal

Pegasi and Foals

Desert Night Pegasus
Desert Knight Pegasus Foal
Lady Columbia Pegasus
Lady Columbia Pegasus Foal
Southern Belle Pegasus
Southern Belle Pegasus Foal
Freespirit Pegasus Freespirit Pegasus Foal

Pony and Foals
Cowgirl Pony
Cowgirl Pony Foal
Farm Girl Pony
Farm Girl Pony Foal
Fringed Pony
Fringed Pony Foal
Oldwest Pony
Oldwest Pony Foal
Ranch Pony
Ranch Pony Foal
Shaggy Pony
Shaggy Pony Foal
Sheriff Pony
Sheriff Pony Foal
Outlaw Pony Outlaw Pony Foal

Unicorn and Foals
Dappled Unicorn
Dappled Unicorn Foal
Steam Engine Unicorn
Steam Engine Unicorn Foal
Towns Man Unicorn
Towns Man Unicorn Foal
Barmaid Unicorn Barmaid Unicorn Foal

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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  1. The Kudu Bull looks like a Deer.

  2. Sad, so sad. Zynga PLEASE hire someone who can actually draw Animals, not just slap a silly costume on someone else's work. I see 3 cows and maybe 3 horses I would bother to collect. The rest are just animals in human clothing, which I really despise.


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