The Dirt Farmer Foundation’s CAUSE it’s APRIL: E-NABLE


The Dirt Farmer Foundation is our way of focusing the social media power of the Dirt Farmer’s community to help worthwhile charities.
Our CAUSE it’s APRIL or Cause of the Month is:



"Give the World a Helping Hand"
E-NABLE is a non-profit global organization that makes FREE 3D printable prosthetic hands for kids around the world. E-NABLE is a group of Makers, Engineers, Medical Professionals, Tinkerers, Teachers, Students, Artists, Philanthropists, Parents and "Ideas people" who have come together from across the globe to collaborate, innovate and re-design the 3d Printable open source design of a mechanical hand device that was released as the original "Robohand" open source file in 2012.

E-NABLE does not sell these devices - but instead - encourages parents and individuals to create them on their own, guides them in the building process and prints parts for those that need them around the globe. E-NABLE openly shares research, development, designs, and training to help people of all ages to learn how to create assistive devices and, where possible, practice “get one today, make one tomorrow.” It also supports and develop an online community of digital humanitarians using new and old technologies to create and distribute free or very low cost assistive devices.
THE ENABLE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is a non-profit, non-stock corporation created to support E-NABLE, an international network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing to give the world a “Helping Hand.”  The Foundation supports the community and its goals through a variety of programs. The E-NABLE community designs, delivers, and distributes free or very low cost, 3D-printed upper limb prosthetics to children and other underserved populations around the world.
The designers at E-NABLE offer their assistance and design skills at no cost to aid those that would like to DIY (do it yourself) one of these devices and has numerous members that are willing to take on individual cases to help custom design around different shaped hands or needs. To become a volunteer or to request a wrist or elbow driven device from E-NABLE, or to find out HOW YOU CAN HELP – please visit the GET INVLOLVED PAGE. If you would like to help by providing a donation as a recurring monthly $10 payment or a one time donation – please visit the DONATION PAGE.


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