Farmville Horse Stable and Nursery Barn Return Permanently

GREAT NEWS FARMERS! By popular demand and thanks 100% to player voices, The HORSE STABLE and NURSERY BARN have returned to the market for COINS PERMANENTLY! Of course if you do not wish to build, you can also purchase a completed one for Farm Cash. Big Thanks to Zynga and Congrats to all of you on having your voices heard. Remember that AVALON Wilderlands and Kingdom are ONE FARM, so you can only have one between the two. Please share to let friends know. .

Things to Know

  • Avalon is ONE Farm so you can only have one Stable and Nursery between the two sides.
  • Be careful building - make sure to click slowly on the final expansion to make sure no building parts go inside the building, until we can verify that that's been fixed
  • Horses that say they will be ready in 1 day 23 hours or less will ready the stable. The ready animal goes into the stable last. 
  • Babies must be 100% ready to ready the nursery barn - the ready animal goes in first.

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  1. i gave up on the horse stable as i was unable to finish building it.....kept posting over and over for i believe it was horseshoes and luck.....


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