Farmville Future if Farm Survey Hint - Where Would You Like To Go Next?

Farmville has posted a survey asking for feedback regarding what theme you would like best for future farms. (This would be following the two season Wild West Farm that we already know is coming) The themes are India (a REAL modern place) Pirate  and Stone Age (Early human pre-history/ice age period)  Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

If you would like to take the survey yourself Click Here.

A look at the survey question. Keep in mind that Avalon is a two season farm, early images hint that Wild West is a two season farm, so the chances are very good that this will be the way going forward. Make sure you would want to spend 4 months on your choice. 

The themes


This would be my ( Dirt Farmer Heather) first choice, because we see frequent posts in our ASK The Dirt Farmer group of players longing for more real destinations and less fantasy. This would also be a theme that would allow for more realistic native animals, as well as the costumed ones, offering something for both contingents.  India is rich in culture, with many things to explore. The majestic Taj Mahal, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.  The Holi Festival also known as the Festival of Colors or Festival of Love. Diwali the Festival of Lights. We could craft Chutneys, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Rice, grow Curry, Saffron and Lentils and much more.


The Pirate theme seems the most likely winner, as the frequent market items, buildables and prizes in this theme indicate that it is very popular with players.  They will only make more of things that people like, participate in and buy....  This farm would need water for sure and a cave could be an interesting twist. It could also bring back the map aspect and if players' dreams were to come true, we could get a "treasure" of self-contained crafting out of the Beat Event. This would also offer the opportunity to revisit the popular map aspect and maybe even give us a treasure hunt. It would also provide a decorating home for the many pirate - themed items already in the game. 

Stone Age

This one is a bit of a mystery. We've seen dinosaurs in the game, but little truly Stone Age so we're not sure where this would go. The Stone Age was a prehistoric period which ran from approximately 2.5 million years ago to the beginning of the Bronze Age in 3300 BCE. The name is based on archeological evidence that people who lived at the time primarily made their tools from stone and metal work came later (Bronze Age). This is also the era in which the mysterious  Stone Henge was built This could be a tropical farm very similar in appearance to Hawaiian Paradise with volcanos and palm trees, as many of the fossils found have been found in volcanic ash, or more like Winter Wonderland, as this period also covers the last Ice Age where Woolly Mammoths and Mastodons, Smilodons (Saber Tooth Tigers) and Thunder Birds reigned supreme.  If they are true to the "Stone Age" theme, then Dinosaurs will be very unlikely as they lived in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, in the Mesozoic era which ended with their widely accepted extinction date  65 million years ago. 62.5 million years is a pretty big difference between the time of the dinosaurs and the stone age, and Zynga from recent themes like Harajuku, La Tomatina, Avalon and more tend to be very accurate with times and themes.

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  1. I voted for Stone age, because I'd love to see more prehistoric animals. India would also be nice, if they did an accurate depiction of it, with jungle animals, and not a clichée like the Bollywood farmstand they're planning. Pirates, meh.


  3. I would vote too, if able, NO MORE FARMS...... fix what we currently have - the bugs and issues are paramount to keeping players happy and involved in the game. I would vote, however, if given the option - to be ABLE TO DELETE FARMS never visited - ie, no shipping licence- of which, I have a good handful.


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