Farmville Friend Requirement To Collect Posts Removed?

As we previously let you know in this post, and as mentioned in our interview with the studio, the Farmville team has been testing ways to remove the Facebook friend requirement for collecting posts. The purpose of this is to solve the on-going friend disconnections that make it difficult to claim from our friends. It appears that this is now being rolled out on a much wider scale and we have messaged the studio to inquire as to whether this is permanent or a test, what categories are included and if the rollout is universal. We shall update this post when they reply. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST CAREFULLY, YOUR QUESTIONS SHOULD BE ANSWERED WITHIN Please share to let friends know.

What no more friend requirements means -

An END to the inability to collect from friends due to erroneous expired, claimed or you must be friends messages.

You can join groups and collect and share without becoming friends if that’s what you prefer.

What no more friend requirements DOES NOT MEAN

Any change to your privacy or ability to choose who to share with. To click a post, someone must be able to see it to click. Facebook privacy settings still apply to your posts and if you make them friends only or post to a list of friended players, no one else can see them to click.  If you post to a group, any fellow  member of that group can see and click as always. If you share a post from your wall to a group, only those who can see it on your wall can see it there.

That you will be able to get any post you click – there are still helper limits at certain numbers on some posts and features. This is not done to allow you to get all you need for a feature from the feed in 10 minutes. This is to prevent you from being unable to get things or get help at all, because multiple people click the same post and it doesn’t work for any due to friend disconnections – then people who are not disconnected don’t see it due to Facebook feed limitations. Regardless of current connection to a friend, if you see a post, you can help them.

What we know

As of now, several Dirt Farmer team members and ASK The Dirt Farmer members are able to collect a variety of items from non-friends, including foals, trees, seed packages, farm stand help, quest help, consumable rewards, and countdown help. There may be more items or even every item possible to collect this way, but they have not been tested and confirmed by enough people to be certain – please do share your experience in the comments.

If you wish to test to see if it works for you, helping folks in our Quest and More Help Group, or sharing and collecting items in Mam Maw Dirt's Trading Post will give you access to a potential pool of non-friends to do so.

What we do not know

If this is all items – and if not if the remaining items will be added as time goes on.

If this is permanent or a further test period to check for any possible negative impacts on other parts of the game.

If this is universal or a slow rollout.

That’s all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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  1. Since 2 days for me it´s not enough to be a friend for claiming feed in fv. I Have to be a neighbour!!! But not all my fv friends are neighbours and they don´t appear in the neighbour list of FV.

  2. Whatever they have done has made a pretty big mess for me. My friends and neighbors don't show up anywhere - not in suggested friends or sending single item or the feed. Others are complaining that regular playing friends are not even showing up on the ladder. I hope they are working on fixing whatever it is they have broken because my farming has slowed way down since I can't send or ask for anything


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