Farmville Avalon Kingdom Farm Land Expansion Guide

As with Avalon Wilderlands before it, Farmville’s all new Avalon The Kingdom Farm will offer special rewards with each land expansion. There will also be quests to earn the 6 on the bottom cliff.  Check below for a preview of what to expect and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

Remember that if you opt to purchase expansions for Farm Cash, you can purchase on the upper two cliffs as soon as arrival and wait to get the lower cliff expansions free when they unlock.

Now a map of the farm showing which expansion is where.

Lower Cliff
(Unlockable Expansions)

Middle Cliff 
(99 Farm Cash Expansions)

Top Cliff
(129 Farm Cash Expansions)

Image Tile Number
& Name
Price Avalon Kingdom Points Granted For Expanding Reward Item 1 Reward Item 1
Lotus Pond

Flower Mound
Wildling Vale
Yellow Mist Tree

Astronomer’s Abode
Augurs Den
The Barking Pond

Fiery Berries
Shaman’s Ridge
Gold Mine

Archer’s Tent
A Knight’s Alcove
80 FC
Yellow Pansy

Silver Flora Fence
Magical Mound
99 FC/Unlock 300
Towered Wall

Ancient Ruins
Seraphin Springs
99 FC 350
Conjurer Gnome

Wisp Willow Tree
A Lord’s Retreat
99 FC 400
Spring Flower Bush

Guardian Fountain
Diviner’s Garden
99 FC 450
Trader Shovel

Mage’s Guild
Harbinger Heights
99 FC 500
Pink Princess Pegacorn

Dragon Brazier
Verdant Valley
99 FC 550
Conjurer Gnomette

Red Cabbage Tree
Enchanted Brook
99 FC 600
Royal Bath House

Royal Observatory
Quixotic Cove
99 FC 650
Stone Cutter

Throne of Wisdom
Champion’s Crag
99 FC 700
Mountain Spring Tree

Braveheart Pony
Outsider’s Summit
129 FC 750
Iron Cleaner

Mountain Hut
Hermit Hills
129 FC 800
Log Mill Cabin

Star Knight Unicorn

Finally a chart of which expansions can be unlocked through tasks and which are Farm Cash and how to unlock the unlockable ones

Land Expansion Avalon Kingdom Level Needed House of Royals Level Needed Number of Presents Unwrapped In Royal Granary Kings Consent Granted On FC Price if You Opt To Purchase Early
1 15 - 5 16th March 24
2 24 2 10 23rd March 36
3 33 4 15 30th March 48
4 42 6 20 6th April 60
5 51 8 25 13th April 80
6 60 10 30 20th April 99
All Expansions Marked X - - - - 99 FC 
(Farm Cash Only)
All Expansions Marked
- - - - 129 FC 
(Farm Cash Only)

That’s all for now. Stay Tuned To The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information

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  1. Well, I can see this new endeavor of zynga's is going to lose more players after the 6th level as part is doing. Those of us that do not spend our real$$$ will just stay at the free levels. I for one will not spend real $$$ on pixels. I do not use real $$$ on my FB games - ever. Looks like they are aiming to weed us all out and have the game for cash players only. And I am really not that impressed with this format - nor the latest themes. I wish they would get back to the reality-type farms, and stop the fantasy stuff.

  2. I totally agree Lynne, it would be nice if they stop all the fantasy farm stuff and stick with ones based on places-wasn't there supposed to be one based on Mexico or something. I think New Orleans would also be a great theme. However I will not be paying either for the other expansions -they should be for coins like other farms have. Its getting too slow to play these days anyway.

  3. After the 6th land expansion is unlocked, they better unlock the rest of the land expansions for coins! At least unlock one land expansion once a week to keep the rest of us poor players happy! Or they should let us work for the rest with new goals to achieve. I can't stand an unfinished farm! To see the other land expansion never ever available for coins is getting old!!!!!!!!! :/

  4. The expansions for Farm Cash will probably be available for coins, eventually. Since many players are willing to get them sooner for cash, Zynga can pay their operating expenses. Their employees really can't pay their bills with farm coins, so it doesn't bother me that some players budget some of their entertainment allowance to playing this game. Maybe they forego movie tickets, soft drinks, beer or twinkies and spend some on Farm Cash. It is OPTIONAL to spend cash on the game. It isn't going to change, so let it go and move on, or stop playing if you can't enjoy what's available. No use stressing yourself out or threatening to quit -- just do it.


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