The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Podcast Farmville Studio Interview 4th February 2015

Did you miss the all new VERY SPECIAL FARMVILLE STUDIO INTERVIEW  4th February , episode of The Dirt Farmer LIVE!? Never fear we have a podcast to catch you up on all you missed.  Join your Dirt Farmer team as we interview  Game Designer Madhumitha, and Product Manager Vinukumar about the ALL NEW UPCOMING SEASON TWO OF AVALON EXPANSION and much more.

If you need to use a translator or are unable for any reason to use the audio file a transcript of the interview can be accessed here.

 Start the player below to listen to the podcast

Be sure to tune in every Sunday Night to the Dirt Farmer Live at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Zynga time only on the All Digital Radio Network.

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  1. Google is getting more Convoluted and Controlling every day! But I'll give this a try One More Time! ..... I like ALL those items to come back! I've been enjoying the Dairies since I put em on my farm and would LOVE To see them come back! Up until a year ago, I was going so far as to keep bulls in them so I could send out an occasional calf or two! I haven't seen a new bloom in sometime either! I use them, instead of lining up row after row of foals. I think it's a bit more "natural"! *lol* And I'd LOVE to see new features on Farmer's Square, especially an Instagrow and Super Fertilizer feature! Either way, thanks Zynga India, for making the wise business decision to actually Pay Attention to your TRUEST "Stockholders" ... your "Stakeholders"! *thumbs up*


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