The Cupid Arrow Conundrum Why Are They So Hard To Collect From The Feed

Your Dirt Farmer team has been seeing many complaints of extreme difficulties claiming  Cupid Arrows and similar items from prior features from the feed. Since this is a brand new feature we decided to test. Check below for the results of our investigation and please share...

Multiple tests have been done, but for our example we will use Dirt Farmer Heather clicking on Dirt Farmer Eric's posts. To prepare, Dirt Farmer Heather did not click on a single Cupid Arrow on Saturday, and began Sunday Morning.

I chose Dirt Farmer Eric because we're good friends. We talk often in chat and comment each other's statuses and posts. That makes him higher in Facebook's algorithm for me, and thus less likely to be disconnected.

I used the new Facebook Search to isolate Cupid Arrow posts. Clicked one from a random friend and got it. Then there were two in a row from Dirt Farmer Eric. Clicked on the first one which was 9 hours old and....

Now remember, this was my SECOND click on a Cupid Arrow post in two days, and only my SIXTH since the feature was released. 

Immediately afterward, I clicked on his other post which was one hour old.  The SAME person.

I "hit my limit" in one click in two days- but it rolled over within five seconds? There are no VARIANTS coded into this feature - which means that all of us should be able to collect the exact SAME amount of these from the feed per day. This number should be 50 in a rolling 24 hour period. 

With the difference in posting times, odds are the first one was really either EXPIRED or CLAIMED. The message it gave would confuse folks for sure. 

I then proceeded to click a few more and was able to claim THREE more successfully, then I got the "Sorry Farmer you have hit your limit" message on EVERY one I clicked. I was able to collect a total of FIVE. 

Despite this disclaimer that it is NOT a bug being posted on the support site, our investigation indicates that there is a serious BUG  with the ability to collect these items ( and likely the same with the Holiday Sparkle and Rainbow Butterflies) and we have reported the same to Zynga. We are hopeful that they will look into it and fix it. Fingers crossed.

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