List of Chickens from Past to Present

Have you ever wondered what Chickens are out there that will produce eggs in those Farmville Chicken Coops?  Here is the list that some players have been asking for: Past and Present chickens.  You can copy, print and then  check off the ones you haven't mastered or missed.   Lots of Farmville Friends have collected and mastered chickens from the beginning of Farmville.   The eggs are fun to open up ,  you have a chance of getting the Chicken, fuel and other rewards.
Click this link for the contents of each egg.  Farmville Chicken and Mystery Egg Contents
Last Updated: June 19,2019

2017 Chickens
2018 Chickens
2019 Chickens
Arabic Lantern Chicken
Archetypical Fashion Chicken
Armoured Chicken
Autumn Carnival Chicken
Bandana Chicken
Bauble Chicken
Bohemian Chicken
Bohemian Fashion Chicken
Caramel Cupcake Chicken
Carnival Decorated Chicken
Carnival Jester Chicken
Carthage Guard Chicken
Casino Show Chicken
Catwalk Chicken
Caveman Chicken
Chic 60's Chicken
Chic Dreamer Chicken N/O
Chic Peace Chicken
Choco Square Chicken
Clover Parade Chicken
Clown Fin Chicken
Coral Tiara Chicken
Countryside Chicken
Dream Auger Chicken
English Hatted Chicken
Evil Aura Chicken
Exotic Brazilian Chicken
Fall Bloom Chicken
Feeding Chicken
Flower Power Chicken
Flower Rugsack Chicken
French Royale Chicken
Frilled Tango Chicken
Frozen Skater Chicken
Gamer Chicken
Golden Phoenix Chicken
Green Ruffle Chicken
Halloween Bat Chicken N/O
Hatted Chicken
Hay Chicken
Highwayman Chicken
Jade Chicken
Jewel Skin Chicken
Jewel Tail Chicken
Lemon Tail Chicken N/0
Lover Boy Chicken
Magic Feather Chicken
Magical Thai Chicken
Mobster Chicken
Monsieur Chicken
Music Performer Chicken
Noble Prize Chicken
Paisley Chicken

Parade Artist Chicken
Paschal Bunny Chicken
Paschal Egg Chicken
Paschal Magician Chicken
Petal Dressed Chicken
Pitchfork Farmer Chicken
Popcorn Chicken

Posh Fashion Chicken
Rainbow Phoenix Chicken
Rapha Chicken
Red Umbrella Chicken
Rescue Scout Chicken
Rio Carnival Chicken
Royal Atlantean Chicken
Royal English Chicken
Royal Guard Chicken
Sea Rover Chicken
Seashell Chicken
Space Villain Chicken
Spiral Sparkle Chicken
Starry Chicken
Suay Chicken
Sugar Rush Chicken
Summer Tails Chicken
Superpower Chicken
Sweet Pineapple Chicken N/0
Taekwando Chicken
Tambourine Hen Chicken
Tambourine Player Chicken

Thai Crown Chicken
Thai Dancer Chicken
Thai Fashioned Chicken
Thai Tourist Chicken
The Don Chicken
Touring Chicken
True Blue Chicken
Trumpet Player Chicken
Turk Chicken
Water Spirit Chicken
Wedding Guest Chicken
Wing Sing Chicken
Winter Colour Chicken
Winter Star Chicken
Wrestler Chicken
Aikkido Chicken
Alchemic Chicken
Amazon Mosaic Chicken
Apple Pickin' Chicken
Archer Chicken
Baller Chicken
Beach Bongo Chicken
Beach Stripe Chicken
Birthday Bash Chicken
Blue Glow Chicken
Blue Ninja Chicken
Bookworm Chicken
Bridesmaid Chicken
Chic Chicken
Colonial Solider Chicken
Country Painting Chicken
Devildress Chicken
Fern Style Chicken
Fairy Chicken
Fairy Star Chicken
Four Eyes Chicken
Frontierman Chicken 
Frontier Fashion Chicken
Garbed Chicken
Gen Encrusted Chicken
Gypsy Dress Chicken
Halloween Horror Chicken
Hitchhiker Chicken
Honduras Gown Chicken
Honduras Sun Chicken
Hotshot Chicken
Hypno Chicken
Italia Velvet Chicken
Jade Fun Chicken
Jokester Chicken
Koroleva Chicken
Labor Day Chicken
Lunar Year Chicken

Massai Chicken
Match Referee Chicken
Matsuri Chicken
Meadow Chequered Chicken

Molas Chicken
Modern Art Chicken
Movie Director Chicken
Negev Mosaic Chicken
Nightingale Chicken
Ogon Blower Chicken
Oriental Flute Chicken
Pavlovskaja Chicken
Picky Geeky Chicken
Picnicer Chicken
Prarie Hike Chicken
Primary School Chicken
Regiment Solider Chicken
Renaissance Dress Chicken
Romantic Chicken

Ruski Pattern Chicken
Russo Vogue Chicken
Rustic Aruban Chicken
Samba Fun Chicken
Scare Chicken
Settler Gown Chicken
Skater Chicken
Skipping Chicken
Sporty Chicken
Statesman Chicken
Stitch Heart Chicken
Street Gown Chicken
Sultan's Archer Chicken
Sunflower Styling Chicken
Town Gown Chicken

Toy Seller Chicken
Traditional Fishing Chicken
Traffic Cop Chicken
Tree Hat Chicken
Tribal Guina Chicken
Venetian Dance Chicken

Wheat Farmer Chicken
Wild Wing Chicken
Winter Knit Chicken
Alaskan Native Chicken
Bartender Chicken
Carnival Dancer Chicken
Cartographer Chicken
Casino Dancer Chicken
Cavalier Hat Chicken
Circus Joker Chicken
Classic Dress Chicken
Crackers Cupcake Chicken
Drummer Chicken
Easter Performer Chicken
Ethnic Dancer Chicken

Evil 80's Chicken
Gaming Chicken
Glitterball Chicken
Golden Hawk Chicken

Illustrator Chicken
Jumper Chicken
Night Walker Chicken
Path Finder Chicken
Pharoh Wing Chicken

Pretty Bunny Chicken
Resurrected Chicken
Road Racer Chicken

Robber Chicken
Sleep Walking Chicken
Sleepy Head Chicken

Surgeon Chicken
Tlingit Tunic Chicken
Traveler Chicken
Valentine Vibe Chicken
Wrangler Stick Chicken

Past - 2014
2015 Chickens
2016 Chickens
4th Birthday Chicken
Acashia Chicken
Adventure Chicken
Aerialist Chicken
Ali-H3n-12 Chicken
Aloha Chicken
American Chicken
Ancient Chicken
Anti Chicken
Aphrodite Chicken
Arctic Glow Chicken
Argenta Chicken
Aromatic Chicken
Aster Chicken
Atlantean Chicken
Australian Game Chicken
Autumn Chicken
Autumn Magic Chicken
BabyQ Chicken
Baker Mother Hen
Bal Masque Chicken
Ballerina Chicken
Barcelona Glass Chicken
Bard Chicken
Barnevelder Chicken
Baseball Chicken
Bat Chicken
Bay Breeze Chicken
Beach Volley Chicken
Black Belly Chicken
Black Chicken
Blue Wizard Chicken
Boho Chicken
Bonnet Chicken
Bresse Chicken
Bright Swirl Chicken
Brown Bellied Araucana
Brown Chicken
Bubble Gum Chicken
Buccaneer Chicken
Budding Chicken
Bulb Chicken
Buttercup Chicken
Butterflies Chicken
Candy Cane Chicken
Caped Chicken
Captain Chicken
Carnival Chicken
Carnival Chicken
Celestial Chicken
Celtic Chicken
Chabo Chicken
Chakra Chicken
Champagne Chicken
Charleston Chicken
Charming Chicken
Checkerboard Chicken
Chic Tail Chicken
Chicken (White)
Chicken a L'orange
Chicken Chicken

Chicken Crusader
Chicken in Jeans
Chicken in the Clouds
Chicken Trooper
Chicken Turkey
Chili Chicken
Chili Light Chicken
Chiming Chicken
Chocolate Chicken
Chocolates Chicken
Clover Chicken
Cluck Rogers
Cluck Rogers 2
Coal Chicken
Cochin Chicken
Coin Chicken
Confetti Chicken
Corduroy Chicken
Cornish Chicken
Cosmic Chicken
Cosy Chicken
Cotton Candy Chicken
Count Cluckula Chicken
Country Princess Chicken
Crystal Chicken
Cuckoo Maran Chicken
Cuddly Chicken  
Cupid Chicken
Daisy Chicken
Dandelion Chicken
Dark Chicken
Dark Cloud Chicken
Dart Tailed Chicken
Deepsea Chicken
Delicate Chicken
Detective Chicken
Dewdrop Chicken
Disco Dancing Chicken
Disguised Chicken
Dorking Chicken

Dragon Chicken
Duckula's Bride Chicken
Dwarf Chicken
Dymkovo Chicken
Easter Bunny Chicken
Egg Nog Chicken
Eggshell Chicken
Emerald Glass Chicken
Emerald Soldier Chicken
Fairie Blossom Chicken
Fancy Chicken
Farmer Chicken
Faverolles Chicken
Feather & Boa Chicken
Fiery Feather Araucana
Fiesta Chicken
Fire Breather Chicken
Fishing Chicken
Flash Bright Chicken
Floating Chicken
Flowering Chicken
Fog and Rain Chicken
Foodie Chicken
Foolish Chicken
Forest Fairy Chicken
Fortune Cookie Chicken
Frost Feather Chicken
Ghost Chicken
Giant Jersey Chicken
Gift Chicken
Glitter Ice Chicken
Glitter Pink Heart Chicken
Glowstick Chicken
Gold and Rainbow Chicken
Gold Nugget Chicken
Golden Chicken
Golden Feather Chicken
Golden Jewel Chicken
Golden Laced Chicken
Greek Chicken 
Grill Master Chicken
Grim Reaper Chicken
Gummy Chicken
Gymnastics Chicken
Halloween Mummy Chick
Handbag Chicken
Harvester Chicken
Haunted Chicken
Haunted Fairy Chicken
Hawaiian Chicken
Headdress Chicken
Heart Pecking Chicken
Hearth and Home Chicken

Hemhem Chicken
Hermes Chicken
High Fashion Chicken
Hiking Chicken
Hipskater Chicken
Holiday Gift Chicken
Holiday Starlight Hen
Hollybright Chicken
Homesteader Chicken

Hookah Chicken
Hot-tie Chicken
Hula Chicken
Ice Chicken
Ice Maiden Chicken
Ice Touched Chicken
Invisible Chicken
Jack O Chicken
Japanese Bantam Chicken
Javan Junglefowl
Jawbreaker Chicken
Jerk Chicken
Jester Chicken
Joker Chicken
Jungle Fowl Chicken
Kitchen Warrior Chicken
Lab Assistant Chicken
Lava Chicken
Lavender Fields Chicken
Lavender Light Chicken
Leaf Swirls Chicken
Legendary Chicken
Lemon Chicken
Light Bulb Chicken
Lime Tailed Chicken
Long John Chicken
Lorb Chicken
Lotus Chicken
Love Chicken
Lovestruck Chicken
Lunar Feather Chicken
Macaw Chicken
Mad Hatter Chicken
Mandolin Chicken
Marans Chicken
Margarita Chicken
Marshmallow Chicken
Marshmallow Chicken (yellow)
Masked Rose Chicken
Masquerade Chicken
Medieval Pattern Chicken
Meditating Chicken
Midnight Chicken
Morning Glory Chicken
Mother Hen
Motherly Hen
Mummy Chicken
Munchkin Chicken
New Look Chicken
New Year Chicken
Noble Chicken
Not-tie Iced Chicken
Nutcracker Chicken
Nutcracker Chicken II
Oasis Theif Chicken
Old English Hen
Old Lantern Chicken
Ornament Chicken

Osiris Chicken
Painted Chicken
Pale Moon Chicken
Paper Lantern Chicken
Party Chicken
Partying Chicken
Peacock Chicken
Perennial Chicken
Persian Chicken
Petite Chicken
Phoenix Chicken
Picnic Chicken
Pineapple Tailed Chicken
Pink Fluffy Chicken
Pink Nightmare Chicken
Pirate Chicken

Plush Chicken
Poppy Silkie Chicken
Portofino Chicken
Present Chicken
Pretty in Pink Chick
Prima Ballerina Chicken
Prince Charming Chicken
Prized Chicken
Prom Chicken

Pumpkin Belly Chicken
Pumpkin Chicken
Pumpkin Chicken
Pumpkin Head Chicken
Punk Chicken
Purple Crystal Chicken
Quetzal Chicken
Quilt Chicken
Rabbit Ears Chicken
Radioactive Chicken
Rain Check Chicken
Rainbow Candy Chicken
Rainbow Chicken
Rainbow Feather Chicken
Rainbow Glass Chicken
Rainbow Silkie Chicken
Rainbow Skies Chicken
Rainbow Sky Chicken
Rainbow Wing Chicken
Rainfeather Chicken
Rapper Chicken
Red Flare Chicken
Red Heart Chicken
Red Riding Chicken
Renaissance Chicken
Rhode Island Red Chicken
Rockadandy Chicken
Rocket Chicken
Roman Helm Chicken
Rubber Chicken
Rubber Suit Chicken
Rustic Chicken
Rustic Garden Chicken
Sabertooth Chicken
Sagittarius Chicken
Saturn Chicken
Scots Grey Chicken
Scribe Chicken
Scrooge Chicken
Sebright Chicken
Shamrock Chicken
Sheriff Chicken
Shiny Bubble Chicken
Shutterbug Chicken
Silkie Chicken
Singing Chicken
Skeleton Chicken
Ski Rider Chicken
Slimed Chicken
Smitten Chicken
Smokey Chicken

Snake Charmer Chicken
Snooker Chicken
Snowflake Chicken
Solid Gold Chicken
Sorceress Chicken
Sotally Tober Chicken
Sour Apple Chicken
Sparkle fairy Chicken
Sparkle Spring Chicken
Spectator Chicken
Spring Flower Chicken
Spring Hen Chicken
Springtime Chicken
Stained Glass Chicken
Stardust Chicken
Stormy Chicken
Strawberries and Champagne Chicken
Strawberry Chicken
Strawberry Fairy Chicken
Student Chicken
Sugar Cookie Chicken
Sugarplum Chicken
Sugar Rose Chicken
Sugar Rush Chicken
Summer Sunset Chicken
Sumo Chicken
Sunflower Chicken
Sunset Fire Fowl
Sunrise Rooster
Sunset Hen
Suntanned Chicken
Sunup Chicken
Sushi Chef Chicken
Tambourine Chicken
Tango Chicken
Tea Pouch Chicken
Teapot Chicken
Techno Chicken
Three Wise Hens Chicken
Toy Chicken
Toy Mumma Chicken
Toymaker  Chicken
Tourist Chicken
Tribal Chicken
Tulip Chicken
Turk Chicken
Turkish Chicken
Tutu Chicken
Tyrolean Chicken
Uncle Sam Chicken
Usher Coat Chicken
Valet Chicken
Vegas Show Chicken
Victorian Bride Chicken
Warped Chicken
Watermelon Chicken
Werechick Chicken
Wheeler Chicken
White Australorp Chicken
Wild Harvest Chicken
Wild Wild Chicken
Windup Soldier  Chicken
Winter Chicken
Wired Chicken
Wizard Chicken
Wordsmith Chicken
Zen Chicken
Zinnia Chicken
Zinnias Silky Chicken
Zodiac Rooster


N/O= Not opening
Alphabet Umbrella Chicken
Alpine Rainbow Chicken
Audra Chicken N/O
Basketball Chicken
Beaded Scarf Chicken
Belle Chick
Biker Chic Chicken
Biker Chicken
Bishop Chicken
Bobby Soxer Chicken
Break Fast Chicken
Butter Churn Chicken
Cape Chicken
Cheatin' Poker Chicken
Checked Shirt Chicken
Chicky Wonka Chicken
Chin Curtain Chicken
Chirpy Chicken
Chirpy Chipper Chicken N/O
Chirpy Mum Chicken
Choco Love Chicken
Christmassy Chicken
Cityscape Artist Chicken
Courtesan Chicken
Dotted Polish Chicken N/O
Easter Egg Chicken
Evil Chicken
Fall Fairy Chicken
Fall Fashion Chicken
Fan Chicken

Feathery Tailed Chicken
Fiery Sorceress Chicken
Flamenco Chicken
Fluttery Festive Chicken
Fly Away Chicken
Fringe Chicken
Funky Farm Chicken
Gangster Chicken

Geeky Chicken
Gem Studded Chicken
Ghost Nurse Chicken
Glam Gal Chicken
Gold Dust Chicken
Golden Girl Chicken
Great White Chicken
Gun Spinner Chicken
Hermia Chicken
Hippolyta Chicken
Ice Cream Girl Chicken
Illusionist Chicken
Jimi Henrix Chicken
Juggling Clown Chicken
Jump Rope Chicken
Kidnapped Chicken

Landscape Artist Chicken
Lasso Chicken
LBD Chicken
Leotard Chicken
Love Potion Chicken

Master of  Laws Chicken
Midshipman Chicken
Moon Dance Chicken

Narrator Chicken
Native Chicken
Neverland Chicken
Old World Chicken

Parade Dancer Chicken
Party Cap Chicken
Peacock Fan Chicken
Penguin Chicken
Performance Star Chicken
Pixie Chicken
Posh Belle Chicken
Preppy Chicken
Print Fest Frizzle Chicken
Poker Chicken
Rare Chicken
Red Riding Hen
Ringmaster Chicken
RU Chicken
Ruffle Goth Chick
Safari Chicken
Salad Expert Chicken
Sarong Chicken
Scarlet Gown Chicken
Seabright Chicken
Secret Admirer Chicken

Shell Chicken N/O
Showgirl Bride Chicken
Skull Crown Chick
Snowman Suit Chicken
Space Villian Chicken
Sparkler Chicken
Spoiler Chicken
Spring Chicklet
Spring Flower Chicken- N/O
Spring Mother Hen
Station Master Chicken
Stewardess Chicken

Tangarine Cap Chicken
Trendy Chicken
Vanity Chicken

Wedding Guest Chicken
Wedding Singer Chicken

White Shamrock Chicken
Wind Up Chicken

N/O = Not Opening
Angling Chicken
Assassin Chicken
Autumn Excited Chicken
Autumn Tiara Chicken
Bantam Chicken
Basan Chicken
Butler Chicken
Captain Clown Chicken
Carnivale Chicken
Caroller Chicken
Clapboard Chicken
Classical Dancer Chicken
Club Chicken
Confetti Lover Chicken
Cracked Glass Chicken
Cunning Chicken
Desert Fete Chicken
Devils Breath Chicken
Dharohar Chicken
Dino Chicken
Dothi Chicken
Dracula Chicken
Easter Magician Chicken
Egg Collector Chicken
Elegant Chicken
Festive Chicken
Festive Dressed Chicken
Fire Baton Chicken
Fire Breather
Fire Stripe Chicken
Floral Front Chicken
Flower Feather Chicken
Flower Picker Chicklet
Gala Chakra Chicken
Gion Chicken
Gloomy Chicken
Gold Weaving Chicken
Golden Desert Chicken
Gorgeous Chicken
Gramphone Chicken
Greek Princess Chicken
Grey Kameeze Chicken
Handsome Chicken
Harp Chicken
Heart Balloon Chicken
Hel Chicken
Ice Princess Chicken

Indegenous Chicken
Jeweled Chicken
Jingle Bell Chicken
Knitting Chicken
Light Baton Chicken
Martial Archer Chicken
Mohawk Chicken
Moon Carrier Chicken
Motherly Chicken
Mummy Zombie Chicken
Mushroom Collector Chicken
Neon Shades Chicken
Native Farm Chicken
Novia Chicken
Onagadori Chicken
Outgoing Chicken
Party Blower Chicken
Pink Pattern Chicken
Pony Stick Chicken

Purple Dancer Chicken
Quilled Chicken
Rockstar Chicken
Ronin Chicken
Semaphore Chicken
Shamisen Chicken
Slinger Chicken
Spring Blast Chicken
Spring Mother Hen
Springsaree Chicken
Striking Chicken
Tape Chicken
Toy Master Chicken
Two Faced Chicken
Traditional Chicken
Tyrolean Chicken
Universal Chicken
Warm Chicken
Water Pail Chicken
Well Dressed Chicken
White Guard Chicken
Yellow Belly Chicken
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  1. Thank you for this - I really needed it as my own notes are horribly incomplete!

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