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Did you ever wonder where to find certain things here on the Dirt Farmer Site? Let me show you a few things that might make your finding information a little easier.


Navigation Bar -  These sections of the webpage will include links to the most important sections of the site. If you click on the arrow there will be a drop box that has more pages to visit with lots of information on each.  Make sure you click on the arrows on those other pages to expand.  For example:   Farms >>2015>> Avalon Wilderlands>>> Complete Guide..Clicking those arrows to expand takes you to guides to beat the farm, craft buildings and so much more.

                          Navigation Bar & what isder each drop box.
Quest Guides
DF Live!
DF Almanac
This will always take you back to the home page. Upcoming Quests
Current Quests
Countdown and Personality Voting
Features & Farmstands
Dirt Box
Dirt Farmer Live player
Email Us For A Chance To Be Answered On Air
Home Farm
Side Farm
Breeding Pens
Farmville Trees
Farmville Animals
Dirt Farm Guides
DF Charts
Farmville Deco

FV Crafting
DF Sites
Team Dirt
Single Farm Crafting Cottages
All Farm Crafting Cottages
Self Contained Crafting
Crafting Guides
Tech Bites
Farmville Links
DF Investigations
Fan Pages
Links of things found on the site. Meet the Dirt Farmer Team. Those that find, post and share all the information.
Slide Bar-  If you scroll over one of the tabs (Current News, Quest Guides, Almanac, Helpful Info and DF Sites)  the board will expand showing you the most recent information.   For Example:  Quest Guides, shown will be the quests going on at your farms.  If you click on the icon it will then show you the details needed to complete that quest.


Search Bar -  If there is something you are searching for just type the name of the item and click the magnify glass, you will get a box pop up showing you a list of the item you are looking for… Just click the link and it will take you directly to that page.  Things that have been archived will show up also.



Latest Posts and Load More Posts -  As you scroll down the home page you’ll see a Tab with Latest Posts.  The Latest posts are  the most recent/ latest posts made by the Dirt Farmer Team.  Click on either of the icons shown and it will show   you directly to that post.    Over to the right there is another tab with Load More Posts, if that is clicked then more posts that were posted by theteam will appear in the Latest post section.


Dirt Box – If you go to navigation bar scroll across to DF Live!  You’ll see the Dirt Box.  As you scroll down there will be a box to login,  just click the one you want to log in with and then welcome to the Dirt Box Radio Show.  The Dirt Box is where Farmville Members gather every Sunday @ 8pm EST. to join the Dirt Farmer Team for the Farmville Radio Show.  Lots of great FV news to keep yourself up to date on the game

dirtboxlogindirtbox  chatboxindirtbox

Please share this link with your  friends if you find it useful.   Happy Farming!!

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