Farmville Avalon Kingdoms Farm Event

As with the last several farms, Zynga Farmville is doing an EVENT to whet our appetites for the all new upcoming AVALON KINGDOMS farm. With the launch of the event, we can confirm for you that EARLY ACCESS to Avalon Kingdoms will arrive on 2nd March and GENERAL (FREE) ACCESS will arrive on 9th March. Please share to let friends know.

If you would like to join the event yourself for a taste of what is in store click here.

Remember that Avalon Kingdoms will be in the area behind the clouds in the current Avalon Wilderlands. You will not have additional clutter in your travel menu, the other side will simply open.

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  1. How much is this early access going to COST!!!!!

  2. tired of everything costing real money when i have half a billion coins that i can't do anything with except plant crops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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