Farmville Avalon The Kingdom Farm Royal Stable Craft Preview (Self Contained Crafting)

As with all new farms #Zynga #Farmville will have its own unique self contained crafting building for the all new Avalon The Kingdom Farm, this time called the Royal Stable. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for a preview of the recipes we'll be crafting in this new self contained crafting building and please don’t forget to share our post with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information regarding Farmville Avalon The Kingdom Farm, check out the Dirt Farmer's Avalon The Kingdom Complete Guide

Now a look at the recipes we’ll be crafting:

Dragon Gargoyle
Avalon Pewter
Baluster Jug
Chalice of Power
Engraved Armour Epaulett
Engraving Tools
Gold Bricks
Hidden Dagger
Painted Linen
Pattern Book
Ring of Runes
Royal Snood
Tapestry of Life
Crown of Dreams
Engraved Glass Goblet
Giant Orb
Golden Bucket
Guardian Axe
Heart of Life Locket
Knitted Gauntlet
Leather Pouch
Magical Yarn
Magic Dust
Potion of Mystery
Stained Glass Tile
Tallow Lamp
Walking Shoes
Dragon Tapers
Element of Fantasy
Elixir of Fight
Exotic Bizenware
Fire Opal Pendant
Mystic Fire
Natural Paints
Wielding Hammer

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info

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