Farmville Avalon The Kingdom Farm Studio Rundown And Pictorial Tour

Farmville's all new Avalon The Kingdom Farm is an all new experience in farming for us. It is ONE farm in two seasons. What does that mean? What will be familiar, what will be combined and what will be different? Check below for what to expect, including the full text of the RUNDOWN with the SCOOP DIRECTLY FROM THE STUDIO and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

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Message from the studio

Howdy Farmers, Welcome to our second RUNDOWN. In this edition we will be covering the updates from Avalon Kingdom. We will also give an introduction for our upcoming features – Royal Rescue and Dragon Breeding.

There has been a lot of confusion about how two different farm releases are going to work out. So lets not wait and dive in.

Well firstly to clear up some confusion, Avalon Kingdoms is currently invisible when you travel to Avalon. It is NOT the top cliff. When you purchase early access, or general access is released, the clouds will part on the right side of the farm and The Kingdom will be revealed.

There will be a NEW free home base area on The Kingdom and expansions just as with Avalon Wilderlands.

From the RUNDOWN 

“Kingdom has the same amount of area as Avalon Wilderlands. You can find a detailed requirements chart for all the land expansions below”

Unlock Schedule

Remember, as with the Wilderlands, if you opt to purchase expansions for Farm Cash, you can purchase the X or * expansions at any time and wait to get the numbered ones free along with everyone else.

Land Expansion Avalon Kingdom Level Needed House of Royals Level Needed Number of Presents Unwrapped In Royal Granary Kings Consent Granted On FC Price if You Opt To Purchase Early
1 15 - 5 16th March 24
2 24 2 10 23rd March 36
3 33 4 15 30th March 48
4 42 6 20 6th April 60
5 51 8 25 13th April 80
6 60 10 30 20th April 99
All Expansions Marked X - - - - 99 FC
(Farm Cash Only)
All Expansions Marked
- - - - 129 FC
(Farm Cash Only)

From the RUNDOWN

“ The level requirements for the land expansions have been slightly increased for the initial expansions but remain constant for the later stages. This will help with easier availability of treasure parts for later stages”

To open an expansion you simply visit the market or hover over the expansion – click the “unlock” if it is time and you have met the requirements to do so or “buy now” if you are opting to purchase with Farm Cash to get the expansion.

There is only ONE SHIPPING LICENSE for all of Avalon – if you have earned or purchased your license on Avalon Wilderlands, you will have combined storage of 1,500 when you arrive. 

From the RUNDOWN 

“ Storage - There will only be one Storage

The limit has been increased to 1,500 from the usual 1,250 on older farms

Shipping License -  There is no shipping license for Avalon Kingdoms (We are not crazy to ask you to have a license to move an item from one end to another on the same farm)

If you have earned/purchased the shipping license in Avalon Wilderlands, you can use that to transfer items out of Avalon as a whole.”

Even though there is not a new license, there will still be a Beat Event – with a twist.

From the RUNDOWN 

“ Beat Quest – We also have a new standard Beat Quest with the new farm.

It will have a Double Points Statue for the Kingdom Levels and another special reward as a replacement for the shipping license.

One of The main new features  for this farm will be DRAGON BREEDING. Game Designer Madhu mentioned on our Farmville Studio Interview on The Dirt Farmer LIVE! That these will breed in a similar fashion to our much beloved sheep, but with a twist.

From the RUNDOWN 

“After a rigorous year-long campaign from the player community, we are re-introducing breeding with Magical Dragons!

And it has a unique twist. Compared to sheep breeding where only patterns changed, we’ve built in a smart algorithm where dragon offspring’s features and attributes such as wings, horns, what fire it breathes, dragon scale etc.  will be determined based on it’s parents.

The other big new feature will be the Royal Rescue.

From the RUNDOWN

“ The Evil Witch has captured Annabel’s Magical Pegacorn! Help Annabel on a quest to form a magical army to defeat the Evil Witch and save her Magic Pegacorn!

It’s a new feature that will allow players to rescue magical animals from the grip of the evil witch”

(That sounds like we get more than just the pegacorn, stay tuned)

There will be a one week EARLY ACCESS period with free fuel, double bushels and exclusive gifts and tasks.

There will be new points and levels

From the RUNDOWN

“ Kingdom comes with it’s very own levels as you probably guessed from the land expansions requirement.

(Why do we have two different levels on the same farm? Three if you count home farm level!)

Well, even though it isn’t the best of solutions, it helps us solve some of the more critical problems.

In Avalon Wilderlands you need to be at level 60 if you want to earn all of the King’s Consent land expansions. To use the same level system for Kingdom would mean that any level requirement for unlocking land would be higher by default. This would mean that the majority of our players who haven’t reached these levels would be bereft from acquiring land expansions in Kingdom”

Also from Horseman’s Hollow on all new farm levels have been providing our players with consumables and parts. We didn’t want to take those away”.)

There will be new community goals  & tasks with a hint in the image at mysterious new rewards.

From the RUNDOWN

 “ Community Goals  - Community Goals has a special reward – Magical Keys – These will be required for our newest feature the Royal Rescue – That will be live in the game in Mid-March in Avalon”

A new storyline with a more grown up Annabel and Olyver battling an evil witch and wizard for the future of The Kingdom with a little help from Gilbert.

New Characters including Arthur the Baker, Jayne the Town Fencing Champion and a devious looking witch.

New animals, crops and trees

From the RUNDOWN

“ Crops – Crops from Avalon Wilderlands cannot be planted on Avalon Kingdoms and vice versa.
However all global (all farm) crops can be planted on both sides”

Instagrow/Unwither when used will be applicable for both sides as well.”

New vehicles, decorations, treasures and unwither rings

It appears that the treasures will use DIFFERENT parts on The Kingdom than on Wilderlands

The new vehicles called Lightning Vehicles are 6x6 OPTIONAL

From the RUNDOWN

 “ Vehicles –  You will be able to use Avalon Wilderlands Vehicles along with standard vehicles on Avalon Kingdom as well.

We are also releasing a new series of 6x6 vehicles with Avalon Kingdom called Lightning Vehicles”

Unwither Rings

From the RUNDOWN

“ We have a new unwither ring building – Royal Granary – with all new rewards and a new unwither ring.
Unwither Ring from Avalon Wilderlands works on all crops planted on Wilderlands Land, and the unwither ring from Avalon Kingdoms will work on all crops planted on Kingdoms’ Land."

New Breeding Pens and Crafting

That’s all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information

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