Come Join Us In Avalon

An editorial message to all current and former Farmville players from Dirt Farmer Eric Pond (Image courtesy of Dirt Farmer Wende)

Bring Back Old Farmville is a song by Barry West, wouldn't that be great!  Life isn't that easy!  Now I'm going to use a wrestling reference, everybody pretty much knows I love wrestling.  I loved the original ECW!  I went to as far as tell my guidance counselor during my senior year that I wanted to be a professional wrestler.  She told me to get her tickets at The Norfolk Scope and to call them to find out what I need.  Of course I called ECW House of Hardcore wrestling school!  I was sad when ECW closed down and was very excited when WWE brought it back!  ECW became a watered down version of its former self.

  Same could happen to Farmville!  So many people have left the game for other games such as Farmville 2, which a lot of people seem to like the format better then the original.  Well to those people who like that format better, well I got some good news for you!  the newest farm released Avalon Wilderlands has the same expansion format as Farmville 2 but easier to expand for free!  In Farmville 2, you have to craft some stuff, have X amount of coins, have an animal, or ask for stuff.  Avalon, you just have to wait for the timer to be up, open some free gifts you get from the medallions from harvesting crops, be a certain level!  That's all!  Many people have accused Farmville of becoming Craftville, but believe me, there is so much crafting involved in Farmville 2!  It may be instant when you craft something, but you can't buy bushels from your neighbors and sometimes you have to craft this to get that to use for this!  You buy an animal in Farmville 2, you have to feed it bottles and then to harvest you have to feed in animal feed, not in Farmville, you just have to click on it ,that's all!  Now quests, holy moly, let me tell you about quests for Farmville 2, right now I have 6 active quests in the game!  One quest has 16 parts to it!  Not a lot of space to plant stuff for crafting, need this crop harvested, got to have this animal, more of this animal, teach this person to farm, visit 5 farms, etc. etc.!

Now for the people that say Farmville is turning into a chore, play Farmville 2 for a day!   Don't get me started on the limit to claim or help neighbors!  18 hrs. between posting and like 15 limit to click on neighbors posts!  No wonder I will never get that rabbit thing built!  Posted 10 times and still haven't gotten that 10th chalkboard!  I'm not trying to bash Farmville 2 in anyway, I still play occasionally!  I'm just pointing out to the people who have left Farmville for Farmville 2, when you need a break, please come home!  Avalon Wilderlands is waiting for you!

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  1. I love FV1, most specially Avalon Witherlands farm. Happy farming! ❤️💛💜

  2. I love4 Farmville....yuk to farmville 2...... no room for decorating and just too much work crafting stuff.... tried it for about a month but just got bored.... Farmville is the only online game I keep playing...can't remember the exact date I started but it was at least 6 month before England came out. Sure I sometimes get a bit fed up and will go a few weeks hardly playing, but then I'm back into it, full steam ahead.

  3. I play FarmVille and FarmVille2


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