Troubleshooting Flash, Updates and Zoom in Google Chrome

Recently many Farmville players who are also Google Chrome users have found themselves frustrated or even completely unable to load. Recent updates have given some users a new Chrome policy, requiring you to give all plugins permission to run. Some players have had difficulty with updates, or seeing the X to close pop-ups or buildings. If you are using Chrome and experiencing issues with Flash or any of the above, read below for some tips to improve your experience. Please do share with friends in case they need help with it too.

When having slowness or issues on Chrome, the first thing to check is if there is an update. Even if you have Chrome set to automatically update, some updates will still require manual intervention. To check, simply click on the 3 lines in the upper right of the browser. Then click on “About Google Chrome”

You will either see the below text indicating that Google Chrome is up to date, or you will see a button telling you to update now. An out of date browser can significantly slow down your play experience. Once the browser updates, there will be another button asking you to re-launch Chrome to finish updating. The update and any improvements that it brings with it, will not take effect until you do so.

 Important Note: We have also gotten reports in our ASK The Dirt Farmer group of players getting an error message stating that “Updates have been disabled by the administrator” This is a bug in Chrome, but the only permanent fix for it is a registry edit. Uninstalling and Re-installing Chrome may fix it temporarily, but it will  eventually come back. If you get this error message, do not attempt to fix it yourself unless you are very certain of what you are doing. Making just the wrong error in the registry can render your computer unusable until the operating system is reinstalled/repaired and can cost you all of your data saved on it. If you are not VERY familiar with computers and the registry, ask someone close to you who is to do it for you or take it to a professional.


If there has been a recent update, you will want to make sure that you only have one flash plugin enabled AND that it’s the best one for your specific computer. To determine how to do that, click here.

If you have been given the new Chrome Policy that requires you to give permission to all plugins to allow them to run, there are two methods to fix that. Different users have experienced success with different ones:

The first and easier method is to simply right click where the game would be near the below puzzle piece and then left click on the menu option that comes up to give Flash permission to run.


If this does not work for you -

Type Chrome://plugins into the address bar


Look in the upper right corner for the word “details” make sure you see a minus sign not a plus sign.


Scroll down until you find flash and check the box marked “always allowed” While you are there double check that if you have two flash files, one is enabled and the other disabled. If you have both enabled, they will conflict and cause flash crashes.


Then simply load the game

If you are having issues seeing the X to close pop-ups or buildings on your farm, adjust your browser’s zoom until you can see them. Simply click on the 3 lines in the upper right and use the  + and – icons next to “zoom” to toggle zoom until the x is visible.

That’s all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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  1. mine says Version 40.0.2214.111 m

  2. I have the same problem but I use Firefox - any known fix for that? Rose


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