FUND ME FRIDAY Jan.30.2015


Here at The Dirt Farmer…From time to time…We get requests from fellow Farmville Players who are in need of help. We are asked to share requests for prayers and/or monetary help and at times we are able to spread the word.

Fund Me Friday is a new way to try to help those in need.
DISCLAIMER: The Dirt Farmer is NOT asking you to DONATE Money…Do so ONLY if you wish…We do take some effort to attempt to verify the authenticity of the request but doing so 100% is impossible.
If you cannot DONATE but you believe in the CAUSE then please SHARE to others so they may consider donating…Thanks for any help.
Below is the gofundme story from a member of our own Farmville Community.
A couple weeks ago Makenzie (Kenzie) Gregory began having a severe headache.  Her mom, Stacie Gregory, took Kenzie to the doctor twice and had several phone appointments and phone consultations with doctors and nurses.  All of them told her it was just the flu and needed to run it's course. On Friday January 16, 2015, the headache was too much to bare and Kenzie's right eye began to swell so she was taken to the hospital. After several misdiagnosis and two hospital transfers she wound up in Kaiser Roseville's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where they diagnosed her with Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis (CST) resulting from a sinus infection.  Kenzie has suffered 2 strokes which caused some brain damage.  Her pituitary gland has been damaged and she now has 2 forms of diabetes.  She is on hormone therapy to replace what the pituitary gland can no longer do. She also developed 2 blood clots in the main arterys behind the eyes and under the brain.  They are preventing the blood from properly flowing back to the heart so pressure is building up in Kenzie's brain.  They are now giving her blood thinners to try and shrink the clots so they can pass and hopefully dissipate before reaching the lungs. CST is very rare.  It can cause blindness and cognitive problems but is also very deadly. Stacie has been at the hospital with Kenzie 24/7 and has depleted all of her leave time at work.  Kenzie is expected to be in treatment for months. We are asking friends and family for their prayers and any support they can provide.

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