FUND ME FRIDAY Jan.22.2015


Here at The Dirt Farmer…From time to time…We get requests from fellow Farmville Players who are in need of help. We are asked to share requests for prayers and/or monetary help and at times we are able to spread the word.
Fund Me Friday is a new way to try to help those in need.

DISCLAIMER: The Dirt Farmer is NOT asking you to DONATE Money…Do so ONLY if you wish…We do take some effort to attempt to verify the authenticity of the request but doing so 100% is impossible.

If you cannot DONATE but you believe in the CAUSE then please SHARE to others so they may consider donating…Thanks for any help.

Below is the gofundme story from a member of our own Farmville Community.

First off thank-you to all. My name is Stephanie Lockhart and this is my story. Myself, I got sick years ago with whooping cough and infections which has made me disabled with COPD and oxygen 24-7.
My Husband after working for a company for 6 years quit his job out of the blue, this was in Jan 2013. Wally said he did not feel well and we sought medical help. Within a month Wally collapsed at home and was taken to hospital. The next day we were told brain cancer. On my Birthday Wally had a operation and we found out it was incurable. Caring for my husband of 20 years at our home was not a option and he was moved to a nursing home. I tried and used every resource possible to help me with finances and such. Now now living alone. What to do .. where to go.. I was at a loss.
I have learned to carry a cell phone at all times which saved my life. On Dec 2014 I had a heart attack, after the surgery I was in rehabilitation for 3 weeks because I lived alone. I was in the same nursing home as Wally but was worried about my dogs. Thank goodness I have a doggie door for my 3 daschunds and the neighbor came by and watered and fed them.
Finally, home again and trying to cope with everything by myself when the call came. Only home 10 days when they told me my Husband Wally had passed on in his sleep. I am completely beside myself, heart broken, still not well myself. There is just not enough money for all of this and the funeral home will not take payments. I am at a loss and only asking for help to get me through all of this. If you can find it in your heart to help me it would be greatly appreciated.
~My Name is Stephanie Lockhart and that is my story... Thank you all so much for reading and helping.


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