Farmville Valentines Week Daily Limited Edition Market Specials

It looks like Farmville and Zynga will be trying a new spin on a market promotion for Valentines day. There will be  8 days of extremely limited edition items, available for just a single day, leading up to and including Valentines Day. There will be two new items per day, purchasable with Farm Cash and each day with a slightly different market theme. Your Dirt Farmer team has found some unreleased images for you, to give you a preview of what to expect. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

A look at the loading screen
A high resolution image of the different themes.
 These items will most likely release at normal update time (9pm Pacific time on the prior day) and be replaced daily at the same time - but they may also be released on a different day as and how Zynga sees fit. At this time, we are only be able to provide you with a text list of item names and prices, as all of the images are invisible, and will likely remain so until 30 minutes before release.

Rose Day
6th February, 2015
Rose Day Tree
(14 Farm Cash)
Rosy Antler Deer
(22 Farm Cash)
Propose Day
7th February, 2015
Propose Day Gnome
(16 Farm Cash)
Boom Box Proposal Gnome
(12 Farm Cash)
Chocolate Day
8th February, 2015
Chocolate Swirls Tree
(8 Farm Cash)
Choc Love Chicken
(16 Farm Cash)
Teddy Day
 9th February, 2015
Teddy Tree 
(8 Farm Cash)
Gifted Hearts Teddy
(14 Farm Cash)
 Promise Day
10th February, 2015
 Together Forever Tree
(8 Farm Cash)
Promise Flower Hamster
 (16 Farm Cash)
 Hug Day 
11th February, 2015
Hug Bear 
(18 Farm Cash)
Free Hugs Duck
(16 Farm Cash) 
 Kiss Day
12th February, 2015
Kitty Kisses Cat 
(12 Farm Cash)
True Love's Kiss 
(16 Farm Cash) 
 Valentine's Day
13th February, 2015
Angel Of Love Magic Deer
 (22 Farm Cash)
Sparkled Love Pegacorn
(30 Farm Cash) 

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