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01.28.2015 Trouble with the VOTE FEATURE
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01.28.2015 The CASH CALF Returns to the Market
The CASH CALF will be in the Market until TUE FEB 3 and costs 60FV$. It will TRIPLE your FV$ if you canharvest it daily for 6 months
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01.27.2015 The FINDING LOVE Countdown has started
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01.26.2015 (1:30am EST) Facebook and Insta-Gram are currently suffering a MAJOR CRASH

01.26.2015 Avalon Wilderlands Chapter 3 Quest is LIVE!
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01.26.2015 STABLES/NURSERY BARNS have been removed from the Market. We believe they may return for good soon but there is absolutely NO confirmation.
***Parts will remain in the Game so you can complete your placed frames***
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01.26.2015 First KING’S CONSENT Expansion released at 12AM EST

01.25.2015 The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Farmville Radio Show PODCAST is available NOW
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01.25.2015 Twenty Two Farms Song by Barry West
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01.24.2015 VOTE Feature Re-Vamp
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