Farmville Stable and Nursery Return Date Revealed

Great News Farmers! The Farmville Studio and our awesome Team India is keeping the promise to return the STABLES and NURSERIES to the market, both COIN FRAMES and completed buildings for cash! Be proud of yourselves farmers, remember that the return is entirely the result of the Farmville Team listening to PLAYER VOICES from THIS THREAD in our ASK the Dirt Farmer Group. All your Dirt Farmer team did was send in the thread, credit for this goes entirely to YOU the player community. The stables are currently coded to return to the market on a limited edition basis from 20th January, 2015 until 26th January, 2015. Remember that the Farmville team told us in our studio interview on The Dirt Farmer LIVE! that if there are no issues that they can’t resolve with the limited edition re-release, that they will then become very permanent in the game. To listen to the interview, click here, for a text recap, click here. Special thanks to Dirt Farmer Mary Beth for assistance with images for this post. Please do share to let friends know.

Just why are the stables so great? They have a variety of uses. You can get farmhands and arborists from harvesting them….. or you can stuff them with horses that show either 34% ready or ready in 1 days 22 hours or less to make them instantly ready  to share cute foals with your friends. The ability to share foals in this way was long one of the most beloved social features in the game. To learn how to stuff the stable click here .
Dark Stallion
To stable stuff you will need a STALLION in your stable. The DARK STALLION from Haunted Hollow is not locked and is in the market for coins. You can also purchase the CREMELLO STALLION for coconuts on Hawaiian paradise or from a neighbor’s farm for coins. You can also use any of the Farm Cash stallions in the game. Please note that the stallions that you make in the Arabian Stallions feature in Oasis Gardens are not working stallions for the stable, they function as mares in there.

Cremello Stallion

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  1. i missed this promotion because i just started playing again and i am having to start all over again

  2. The stable is currently available for coins. The Arabian Knight Stallion also works in the stable along with Festive, Ceremonial, Golden mane, Paint Mask, Strongman, Red, Black Light, & Terrier stallions. These all came free at some point as I've never paid farmcash for a stallion.


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