FarmVille Rundown – Avalon Wilderlands

Zynga has put together a run down of various changes that were implemented for the new Avalon Wilderlands farm, and they’ve asked The Dirt Farmer team to share it with you. Check below to see some details regarding changes and what brought them about, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful . . .

Howdy Farmers,

Welcome to our first rundown. Here we will cover all the new and exciting changes in FarmVille and also try to explain our rationale behind them. All the changes will be rolled out slowly on 12th Jan. Let’s dive in.

Avalon – Two Seasons

- Avalon will release in two parts(seasons)
- Second season will go live in March


With a new farm releasing roughly every two months, our community became squarely divided in two camps of players – one was awaiting each new farm with great excitement and the other was overwhelmed with new farms because there are already too many farms to tend to. This is our attempt to reach middle ground by releasing Avalon in two parts and slowing down the pace of new farm release.)

Real Estate - Land Expansions


- Land isn’t Farm Cash exclusive anymore

- Each season has 16 expansions

- Players can now unlock some land expansions(numbered 1 to 6 in the figure) by leveling up in Avalon and upgrading their Village Granary (Unwither Ring building) and House of Mystics (center piece building)

- The remaining 10 expansions marked X will be available for 99 FC

- Coin purchases for these 10 expansions will be rolled out in future


- Starting area(marked ‘HOME’ in the figure) is 162 farm plots

- This is ~12% more than the starting area of farms like Horseman’s Hollow and Magical Toy Town, that have a starting area of 144 farm plots - Each season’s total area is 1458 farm plots, making the total area of Avalon 2916 farm plots

- This is ~17% more area than farms like Horseman’s Hollow and Magical Toy Town, that have a max area of 2500 farm plots 

- The area of each land expansion expansions is 81 farm plots

More info for the Unlock requirements can be found at the bottom of this post

Land Expansion
Avalon Level Needed
House of Mystics Level Needed
Number of Presents unwrapped in Village Granary
King’s Consent Granted on Date
FC Price
26th Jan
2nd Feb
9th Feb
16th Feb
23rd Feb
2nd March
All Expansions Marked X

(Real estate is key to everything else in FarmVille. It determines how much you can plant and thus determining everything else. With these changes we are moving towards extending the ability to own these land expansions to our entire player base.)

Land Expansion Prices

- The prices are lower! The entire season 1 which has an area of 1458 farm plots now costs you a total of 1337 FC

- In older farms owning a 38x38 expansion(total area 1444 farm plots) costs you a total of 1730 FC

Glass Blower – Crafting building

You can find a detailed glass blower run down here.

(Almost all recipes, with a small number of exceptions, are designed in such a way that you can plant all the crops required for a craft in one go. What this means is, for harvesting, there will be a window of time (varying for each craft) in which you can come back and harvest all crops and none of them will have withered.)

Forest Fair – Self Contained Crafting

- The time requirements have significantly gone down

- On 100% efficiency it can be completed in 8.6 days as against 18.7 days in Toy Shoppe and 14.7 days in Blackjack Barn

- The recipe and parts storage now get auto upgraded on successfully completing the 14th animal

- Pens in Avalon now re-open after placing an animal from the pen on the game board

(This is something that we are looking to implement in the older farms as well, but we want to be cautious with the release. Based on the performance of this enhancement, we are looking at extending it to the action of selling the animals from the pen building as well.)

Special Delivery Box Update

Special delivery boxes have been updated to include parts for:

1. Treasure parts and center piece buildable parts for:
o Oasis Gardens
o Fairytale Fields

(In case you didn't already know, SDB’s can be used for treasure parts and center piece buildable parts for all farms that were released prior to these two as well.)

2. Parts for the following buildings:
o New Year Opera House
o Santa’s Workshop
o Eggnog Stand
o Soup Kitchen

Bushel Storage Limit

- The bushel storage limit will be increased

Well farmers, that’s all for Zynga’s message. What do you think of these new changes? It seems some effort to meet players needs has really been put forth this time around. Comment below and let us know what you think, and remember to share the post with friends.

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  1. I think they are really trying hard to please the players. Since Team India signed on, I have seen many improvements to game play. Is it all fixed, and am I (and many, many others) totally happy with the game? No, but they show effort that I have not seen in the past. Do I feel I have anything to complain about? Definitely not at this point. It is my choice whether or not I play, how often I play, and the way with which I play. I Love FarmVille. I am grateful to Zynga for allowing me to play. I am very grateful to The Dirt Farmer, The Dirt Team, and all involved for all of the hard work they have put into making game play that much more enjoyable. I don't think there would be near as many players if there had not been communication put forth from The Dirt Team and Zynga (mainly Team India).


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