Farmville Cupid's Stable Complete Guide

Zynga Farmville is planning a brand new feature for the upcoming Valentine’s Day..  The Farmville Cupid's Stable…   This feature will be our third version of MYSTREES (though not part of a BEAT event) with a little twist. The MYSTREE aspect will be raising the Cupid Stable pony into the many varied possible adults. The twist, alluded to in the animation is  “Pair up ponies with their true love and watch the magic” What is the magic? We will be helping cupid transform awkward foals into magical ponies…This feature is currently coded to start on 3rd February, 2015 and end on 23rd February, 2015... Check out our  Dirt Farmer post for more info and a sneak peek at the images we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

First a look at the high resolution animation of the Farmville Cupid's Stable
A look at the loading screen

A look at the tutorials for this feature

A hint at exactly what the Cupid's Stable will do – and a look at the pop-up that we will receive when the feature is released.

A look inside the building

A look inside the building at the area where you will be able to check the completeness of your collection…

A look at the reminder screen to get more magic…

A look at the Cupid's Stable we’ll be placing on our farms

We’ll be needing Cupid Arrows to earn the rewards of the Cupid Stable.. We will  collect the Cupid Arrows by crafting, asking from friends and collecting from the news feed. Since this is still an unreleased feature we don’t have any definite info as of yet but we’ll be updating our post accordingly as and when new info becomes available.. For now let’s take a look at the Cupid Arrows

Cupid Arrow
Cupid Arrow Mastery Sign
A look at the recipe you will use to craft Cupid Arrows in the craft shop.

A look at how many Cupid Arrows you will need to tend to each foal to raise it into a magical pony.

Level Cupid Arrows to Tend to Next Level Waiting Period 
1 1 8 hours
2 2 8 hours
3 3 8 hours
4 5 8 hours
5 7 8 hours
6 Complete None

A look at the recipe to craft Cupid Arrows

Cupid Arrow
Sunburst Orchid Bushel
3 Sunburst Orchid
Morning Glory Bushel
3 Morning Glory
Lavender Lily Bushel
3 Lavender Lily
2 hours / 120 minutes

As expected this feature will involve brand new animals. They will be random as normal with this feature.  
Arabian Prince Pony
Arabian Princess Pony
Cinderella Pony
Flower Princess Pony
Frog Prince Ponisus
Juliet Pony
Knight In Armour Ponisus
Prince Charming Pony
Rapunzel Ponicorn
Romeo Pony
We have also found another pony named the Cupid Stable Pony, which is not coded as a pony which will be breeding foals but is the “awkward foal” which will be transformed to one of the ponies above by using Cupid Arrows. We have had similar features before like the Nutcracker Theater and Mystrees
Cupid Stable Pony
And finally a look at the offspring of the Cupid's Stable ponies
Arabian Prince Pony Foal
Arabian Princess Pony Foal
Cinderella Pony Foal
Flower Princess Pony Foal
Frog Prince Ponisus Foal
Juliet Pony Foal
Knight In Armour Ponisus Foal
Prince Charming Pony Foal
Rapunzel Ponicorn Foal
Romeo Pony Foal
That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info...

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  1. Hi Farmville Dirt Team!!! I have a question, i want to eliminate the Cupid Stable but I can't do it, is it possible??

  2. I'm trying to get rid of it too. Can anyone advise us?


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