Farmville Bob's Berry Barn Updated With New Rewards

As promised by our contacts at the Farmville Studio in this Dirt Farmer Exclusive post, Farmville and Zynga have updated Bob’s Berry Barn with 15 brand NEW rewards with a lovely Asian theme. Below you will find images of the new rewards and their berry cost. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful. For the Complete Guide to Bob’s Berry Barn , click here.

As the icon image in the market  and the table below doesn’t really do it justice with such small size, a high resolution image of the Dragon Lake

Dragon Lake
100 Berries
Fiery Baby Dragon
40 Berries
Tiger Princess
80 Berries
Warrior Panda
50 Berries
Empress Pony
60 Berries
Festive Fireworks
30 Berries
Bamboo Lantern Fence
5 Berries
Dragon Mask Duck
40 Berries
Festive Lantern Tree
15  Berries
Festive Blossom Tree
30 Berries
Bamboo Forest Patch
10 Berries
Fire & Gold Peacock
40 Berries

Oriental Dragicorn
80 Berries
Fiery Poppy License
50 Berries
Koi Kirin
80 Berries

Now a look at the offspring of the new rewards

Empress Pony Foal

Koi Kirin Foal

Oriental Dragicorn Foal

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  1. What am I supposed to do with all the stuff it's making me craft? They say I can only use them on Bob's Berry Farm, but it's not actually a farm. Recycle for coins? Do you know if we will need these parts later on?


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