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As with every farm, Farmville Avalon Wilderlands will have a story to tell, and characters to accompany us on our journey. As Game Designer Mayur mentioned on our Dirt Farmer LIVE! interview with members of the Farmville Studio Team, it will be the story of Annabel a young farmer girl who wants to be a magician and the interesting people she meets along the way. Now without further ado, meet the characters of Farmville Avalon Wilderlands. Please share…


Character descriptions courtesy of the above referenced interview and Farmville's Avalon Wilderlands Preview Event.


For more information on the Avalon Wilderlands Farm, visit the Dirt Farmer’s Avalon Wilderlands Complete Guide.



Annabel is a young farmer girl who wants to be a magician.
Olyver is Annabel's good friend, an honest, young boy who will stand by her side no matter what. He only wishes the best for Annabel.
Walter, Annabel's father is a man of the earth. He works with his hands and provides for his family. But will he understand his daughter's dreams? Will he support them?
Annabel's quest to learn magic under the powerful and all-knowing Gilbert is not going to be easy. She needs the help of someone experienced, someone wise, and someone brave. Will you be that person?

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