Special 3 Hour Episode of The Dirt Farmer LIVE! With Guests From the Farmville Studio!

Join your Dirt Farmer team for a VERY SPECIAL 3 Hour episode of The Dirt Farmer Live! this Sunday 28th December from 8PM to 11PM EST. At 10PM EST we will be joined by two members of the Farmville Studio team – Mayur, the primary designer of the beautiful new upcoming AVALON WILDERLANDS farm and Vinukumar the product manager behind several of the games most exciting new features! They will bring us some insider insight into the new farm and features, a preview of what’s coming soon to Farmville, what they call “Player Love Initiatives” and discuss how the Farmville team reviews and implements YOUR feedback. They will also be answering some burning questions that players in our ASK the Dirt Farmer group have asked frequently. Please share and invite your neighbors to join us as well.

Join us LIVE and discuss the show in real time in our interactive  DIRT BOX

Join the SHOW EVENT for up to the minute updates on the show and your chance to win Papa Dirt Prizes

Join our Ask The Dirt Farmer group to view and discuss the video on this thread of  a special sneak preview of the all new AVALON farm. (Yes with some images saying Avalon and some saying Avalon Wilderlands, the name of the farm is one of those burning questions)

See You There…


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  1. FV always have good and interesting designs, my problem is when coding and testing is always very bad causing good and long time players frustrations over and over again every time they install new farms or even new features that is working before and putting it in again in production with more bugs than ever.....


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