Farmville Romantic Vs Wild Child Personality Voting Event

As expected #Zynga #Farmville will soon have a new personality voting event and this time we will have the Romantic vs. Wild child theme.. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for more info and a sneak peek at the voting rewards and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.
Farmville Vs Wild Child Voting Event will be available on our farms from 21st January 2015 to 11th February 2015

First a look at the final stages of both sides of the voting buildings we will get to keep once the event is completed

Left Side (Romantic Side)
(You will receive when you have more left votes than right ones on the first time you complete the 12 stages)

Right Side (Wild Child Side)
(You will receive when you have more right votes than left ones on the first time you complete the 12 stages)

If you are having difficulty getting votes, join the Dirt Farmer’s Vote Help Group. You do not need to be Facebook friends or Farmville Neighbors to vote for one another.

The path on the left will give you the building on the left that has the appearance of a villa with trimmed garden hedges. The path on the right will give you the building on the right that has a green roof and has palm trees around the back of the building… Remember that you only need to get the majority of rewards on one side, not all to get the building of your choice. Also remember that whichever side you get the majority of rewards from on your FIRST run through the event, will be the building you will keep, regardless of how many times you do it again.

It looks like Zynga is planning to come up with a new twist for the personality voting events.. We have found an unreleased image that indicate that once you complete the voting event steps, you'll get this new pop up which will give you an option to ask help from your friends to get any of the rewards of the voting event that you have missed just like the countdowns.. You'll also have the option to purchase them with Farm Cash.. We don't know if this pop up will actually become a part of the game or an experimental image we ran into, but we sure hope it does as it will save us a lot of time and save us from doing all of the stages of the second side for one specific item that we want to obtain..

Now a look at some of the CONFIRMED rewards


Puppy Love Candlelit Dinner

Stage 1

Takeaway Cat

Stargazing Gnomes

Stage 2

Car Racer Gnome

Diamond Ring Sheep

Stage 3

Kissed Sheep

Romantic Horse

Stage 4

Action Horse

Dinner Date Chauffeur Pig

Stage 5

Skydiver Pig

Posh Horse

Stage 6

Night Club Horse

Hot Tub Gnome

Stage 7

Sea Swimmer Gnomes

Masseur Cat

Stage 8

Gym Freak Monkey

Millionaire Giraffe

Stage 9

Trekker Giraffe

Breakfast Gnome

Stage 10

Meadow Picnic Spot

Hugger Bear

Stage 11

Bubbly Bear

Moonlight Pegasus

Stage 12

Sundowner Party Pegasus

And finally a look at the offspring of voting event rewards

Moonlight Pegasus Foal
Night Club Foal
Posh Foal
Sundowner Pegasus Foal
Action Foal
Romantic Foal

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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  1. Anyone having trouble with the 2nd round "voting" (clicks, no votes) rolling back on them? I'd completed round 1 and started round 2. Received the 6 clicks for the Skydiving Pig and even saw the little piggy in my Gift Box. Go back the following day to make another request for another item and see that my Skydiving Pig is back to 1/6. Check in my Gift Box and no piggy!

    1. yes, the same thing. I placed my prize got a whoa farmer and when game reloaded had lost all clicks and the prize. Nothing back in gift box. Tried it again same problem. Feature not work :(


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