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Farmville and Zynga have heard your voices about less recycling of old features and more freshness. Instead of more of the same old same old with the Holiday Tree or Hungry Santa we get an all new treat this year. The Lost Reindeer will offer ALL NEW REWARDS, unlike the tired rehashes of most years past. It also involves a map, similar to the combined Haunted Hollow and Mistletoe Lane storyline.  We will be finding animals along our travels and each of four sections will come with a piece of the map to get us closer to solving the puzzle. If we help the lost reindeer find his way home to Rudolph’s barn we will get Rudolph himself to reside on our farms. It is basically the same feature as the Wandering Pirate but this time once you complete all sets of animals, you get a bonus reward.. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find it helpful.
 Farmville Lost Reindeer will be available on our farms from 19th December 2014 to 12th January 2015

First a look at the high resolution animation of the pop up we'll receive inviting us to help the Lost Reindeer find its way to Rudolf’s Barn

Our contacts at Zynga have given your Dirt Farmer team permission to share some EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION regarding how the Lost Reindeer will work. They have also been so kind as to give us two EXCLUSIVE IMAGES for you to preview.

First of all as mentioned above, this feature will have ALL NEW REWARDS. There will be 16 BRAND NEW animals to win across the four areas of the map. If we complete all four and win all 16 animals, we will also win RUDOLPH THE REINDEER himself as a 17th bonus prize.

A look at the loading screen

Just like the Pirate Ruby in the Wandering Pirate, you will be able to find the deer icon for the feature at the outside edge of your farms.. You will need to lure the animals with Food Baskets. You will be able to obtain Food Baskets by posting to the feed, collecting from friends posts, crafting them or purchasing with farm cash. Several options for every taste. There will be a countdown timer within the feature to let you know how long you have left to complete it.

 The next animation lets slip a few more secrets.   First we see the map for the first time. If we peek behind it, we can softly see at the top the words “the Lost Reindeer, so we know our that our poor adrift friend will indeed be a reindeer. Here we meet Randall and Rudolph and learn that our task will be to search different areas of the woods and find all the animals hiding within. When we find all the animals in a specific area, then we will win the map piece for that area. Here too we learn that Rudolph the Reindeer will be our bonus  prize if we find all the animals and complete the map.. The difference between the Wandering Pirate and the Lost Reindeer is the map which shows you your progress in the feature.. As you complete sets of rewards, you receive pieces of the map and once you complete all pieces by completing all sets of rewards, you will receive the bonus reward.

Once you have enough Christmas Food Baskets, you will be able to lure the animals by clicking on the Lure for 20, 30, 40 or 50 button depending on which part of the woods you are working on.. Once you add the baskets, you will receive one of the 4 animals in that set of rewards...

Once you complete all animals for a set of rewards, you will be granted a piece of the map

As you complete each set, you will receive a new piece of map and get closer to completing it to receive the bonus reward

As mentioned above, there appears to be a quest associated with this feature . The deer shown in the image above is not  going to be a part of the feature and is just a placeholder.. After receiving the feature on our farms, we have found out that even though the images were available, the feature does not have a quest associated with it.

A look at the craft that is possibly associated with this feature. The Christmas Basket. Similar to several prior all farm and farm specific features, it looks as if there will be 3 different Christmas Basket recipes, one for 1 Basket, 1 for 3 Baskets and one for 5 Baskets. 

Quantity Per Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Time to Craft

1 Christmas Basket
Sugar Cane Bushel
3 Sugar Cane
White Nectarine Bushel
2 White Nectarine
Jalapeno Bushel
2 Jalapeno
60 Min/1 Hour

3 Christmas Baskets
Rhubarb Bushel
2 Rhubarb
White Garlic Bushel
3 White Garlic
Rutabaga Bushel
3 Rutabaga
180 Min/3 Hours

5 Christmas Baskets
Holy Pumpkin Bushel
2 Holy Pumpkin
Forget Me Not Bushel
3 Forget Me Not
Cranberry Bushel
4 Cranberry
360 Min/6 Hours

Note: Dirt Farmer Rina has tested this feature and only got 2 duplicates on each before the super rare - odds are very good on this one similar to Wandering Pirate

As with Wandering Pirate, The Lost Reindeer will have 4 different set of rewards... Each set will have a common, a special, a rare and a super rare reward which you will be able to redeem for a certain amount of Christmas Food Basket... Below you can find the set of rewards listed according to the amount of Christmas Food Basket you will be needing for each set...

Amount of Christmas Food Basket
Super Rare
20 Christmas Food Basket Set of Rewards
Winter Ready Dog
Snow White Dall Sheep
Rainbow Sweater Bunny
Santa's Elf Horse
30 Christmas Food Basket Set of Rewards
Ski Rider Chicken
Playful Ornamental Racoon
Festive Spirit Bear
Gift Horn Moose
40 Christmas Food Basket Set of Rewards
Ice Shard Seal
Candy Cane Penguin
Decorated Bison
Festive Stallion
50 Christmas Food Basket Set of Rewards
Christmas Night Deer
Mistletail Dragon
Snowflake Unicorn
Angelic Pegasus

Now  the bonus prize for finding all of the map pieces – you will get to keep Rudolph the Reindeer himself

Finally a look at the offspring of the possible rewards

Angelic Pegasus Foal

Santa’s Elf Foal

Festive Colt

Christmas Night Fawn

Rudolph The Reindeer Fawn

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