Farmville Commitment Vs Care Free Personality Voting Event

#Zynga #Farmville is getting ready for a new personality voting event.. This time it will be Commitment Vs Carefree Personality Voting Event.. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for a sneak peek at the rewards and please don’t forget to share our post with your friends if you find it helpful.

This voting event is coded to run from 31st December, 2014 to 21st January, 2015

First a look at the final stages of both sides of the voting buildings we will get to keep once the event is completed

Left Side (Commitment Side)
(You will receive when you have more left votes than right ones on the first time you complete the 12 stages)
Right Side (Carefree Side)
(You will receive when you have more right votes than left ones on the first time you complete the 12 stages)

If you are having difficulty getting votes, join the Dirt Farmer’s Vote Help Group. You do not need to be Facebook friends or Farmville Neighbors to vote for one another.

The path on the left will give you the building on the left that has a red roof and is standing on a rock. The path on the right will give you the building on the right that has a green roof and is surrounded by water… Remember that you only need to get the majority of rewards on one side, not all to get the building of your choice. Also remember that whichever side you get the majority of rewards from on your FIRST run through the event, will be the building you will keep, regardless of how many times you do it again.

Now a look at some of the CONFIRMED rewards


Excited Scientist Gnome

Stage 1

Happy Gnome

Present Cat

Stage 2

Guilty Cat

Crowing Rooster

Stage 3

Snoozy Rooster

Clean Cat

Stage 4

Chocolate Mouth Cat

Active Dog

Stage 5

Lazy Dog

Party Gnome

Stage 6

Introverted Gnome

Buff Penguin

Stage 7

Yoga Penguin

Gardener Piggy

Stage 8

Artistic Piggy

Angel Gnome

Stage 9

Elven Gnome

Golden Egg Goose

Stage 10

Spendthrift Goose

Nice Monkey

Stage 11

Naughty Monkey

Chef Pony

Stage 12

Guest Pony

And finally a look at the offspring of voting event rewards

Crowing Rooster Egg
Snoozy Rooster Egg
Chef Pony Foal
Guest Pony Foal

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info

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  1. Where's the deco or the odd tree... it's all animals.... guess i'll just go through it once to get the building I most want, stuck on that as I want both

  2. when did this round for voting start? I've been away ...unable to play so I have no idea how far behind on the votes/building I am. Missed out on very nice items from previous votes...the countdown also. I'd appreciate knowing the start and end date of the personalities, generally it's noted. Thanks..

  3. I see the previous comment dated the 17th so looks like I'll miss out on finishing this building also since Zynga puts so many hours in between items no matter how far behind one is.

  4. I think it finishes on the 20 or 21st of Jan- it just started last week- aren't they 3 week things?


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