Facebook Search Makes Farming Easier

A very special thanks to Farmer Pam Hardy for bringing this “Game Tip” to our attention.
It appears the Facebook Search can be used to find game links lost on the Newsfeed.
As seen in the picture below…Pam searched “gold bunny egg” into the Facebook Search Bar.
Please note that you will have to be specific with your search…and you may need to simply hit “enter” to ignore other search options.
As a result of searching “gold bunny egg” Pam was given a list of posts that were all links to GOLD BUNNY EGGS as seen here.
Facebook has enhanced it's search, and it is now a very useful tool for us farmers.
Basically a person can type in the search box what they need... like gold bunny eggs, and click on the last item at the bottom of the results that has a magnifying glass... and it will bring up all those posts matching your terms. They are all mixed up and a lot are expired but a lot are still available!
After Pam sent me this GAME TIP I used it to search “blue snowflake” for the new “Bring back Winter” Feature. I was able to find dozens of available links in minutes.
This seems to only show Friends that you are connected to…So this may workaround recent “dis-connect” issues…This isn’t confirmed yet but we are still investigating.
Since this does seem to work solely on your Friends List that means the larger your list the more posts this GAME TIP will pull up for you.
Also…the posts may not all be as recent as others…Re-freshing may help pull up newer posts…Just like the Newsfeed.
We hope this GAME TIP helps you and again a very special THANK YOU to Pam Hardy.
DISCLAIMER: This is a new Facebook Search Feature that may not yet be available to all Facebook Users
If you need more active Farmville Friends

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  1. This works great! I typed in "crystal white snowflake" and got plenty of posts for those. Thank you Pam Hardy and DF for this amazing tip!

  2. Thank you. I have been stuck for days on one quest.


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