Farmville Magical Toy Town Farm Crops Yield Chart

Spinning Top Onion
As with every new farm, #Zynga #Farmville will have new unique crops for the new Magicl Toy Town farm. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for a chart with all the brand new crops with their respective mastery numbers. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

For more information related to the Farmville Magical Toy Town Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer's Magical Toy Town Farm Complete Guide...


CropBushelCost In CoinsCoin/Coconut/Jade YieldProfit Per HrXp GainTime(Hrs.)MasteryMin. LevelSubtype/Terrain

Apple in a Box (06kz)

Apple in a Box Bushel
210305/0/07.92212 hrs300+300+600= 1200Fruit/Land

Berry Teether (06wt)

Berry Teether Bushel
180180/0/00212 hrs300+300+600= 1200Flowers/Land

Candy Alphabet (06nf)

Candy Alphabet Bushel
155235/0/013.3326 hrs600+600+600= 1800Other/Land

Clay Pepper (06ut)

Clay Pepper Bushel
175255/0/0030 hrs 24 mins600+600+600= 1800Vegetable/Land

Clay Poinsettia (06p7)

Clay Poinsettia Bushel
285415/0/05.65223 hrs600+600+600= 1800Flowers/Land

Crazy Crayon (06sr)

Crazy Crayon Bushel
185260/0/0020 hrs 12 mins600+600+600= 1800Other/Land

Durian Ball (06ty)

Durian Ball Bushel
190260/0/05214 hrs600+600+600= 1800Fruit/Land

Felt Rose (06s1)

Felt Rose Bushel
200300/0/0020 hrs 6 mins600+600+600= 1800Flowers/Land

Flower Stack Bee (06p8)

Flower Stack Bee Bushel
120185/0/02.83223 hrs600+600+600= 1800Flowers/Land

Gear Daisy (06sz)

Gear Daisy Bushel
325425/0/02.17346 hrs300+300+600= 1200Flowers/Land

Gumball Bloom (06ub)

Gumball Bloom Bushel
165240/0/018.7524 hrs300+300+600= 1200Flowers/Land

Gummy Bear (06vd)

Gummy Bear Bushel
170245/0/012.526 hrs600+600+600= 1800Other/Land

Jigsaw Bloom (06rm)

Jigsaw Bloom Bushel
195275/0/05.71214 hrs600+600+600= 1800Flowers/Land

Knitted Grape (06n6)

Knitted Grape Bushel
150230/0/02024 hrs600+600+600= 1800Fruit/Land

Melon Balloon (06y9)

Melon Balloon Bushel
230345/0/07.67215 hrs 54 mins600+600+600= 1800Fruit/Land
Permanent Crop Available to Early Access Purchasers ONLY

Pompom Dandelion (06uf)

Pompom Dandelion Bushel
405625/0/03.19269 hrs300+300+600= 1200Flowers/Land

Smiley Orange (06vi)

Smiley Orange Bushel
110160/0/06.2528 hrs600+600+600= 1800Fruit/Land

Spinning Top Onion (06ux)

Spinning Top Onion Bushel
135210/0/03.26223 hrs600+600+600= 1800Vegetable/Land
Permanent Crop Available to Early Access Purchasers ONLY

Strawberry Bear (06tc)

Strawberry Bear Bushel
115165/0/06.2528 hrs600+600+600= 1800Other/Land

Sunflower Rattle (06g3)

Sunflower Rattle Bushel
255405/0/018.7528 hrs600+600+600= 1800Flowers/Land
Permanent Crop Available to Early Access Purchasers ONLY

Toy Carrot (06ua)

Toy Carrot Bushel
125200/0/05215 hrs 54 mins600+600+600= 1800Vegetable/Land

Toy Duckie (06xh)

Toy Duckie Bushel
195195/0/0039 hrs 30 mins300+300+600= 1200Flowers/Land

Toy Tulip (06y8)

Toy Tulip Bushel
220315/0/06.33215 hrs 54 mins600+600+600= 1800Flowers/Land

Wind Spinner Flower (06rb)

Wind Spinner Flower Bushel
150150/0/0030 hrs 6 mins600+600+600= 1800Flowers/Land

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info...

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  1. Corrections for the less-than-minute Grow Time crops:
    Felt Rose is 10 minutes and Mastery is 800+600+600=2000
    Clay Pepper is 30 minutes and Mastery is 800+600+600=2000
    Wind Spinner Flower is 10 minutes and Mastery is 800+600+600=2000

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