Farmville Magical Toy Town Farm Animals

#Zynga Farmville’s new farm the Magical Toy Town will have its own unique set of cute animals, especially designed to fit the new farm’s theme.. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for a look at these all new animals and please don’t forget to share our post with your #Farmville friends if you like it…
For more information related to Farmville Magical Toy Town Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer’s Magical Toy Town Farm Complete Guide
Soft Toy Alpaca
Cling On Koala
Cute Toy Bear
Fluffy Polar Bear
Patchwork Bear
Cute Saber Tooth
Plush Rocking Lion
String Puppet Tiger
Tiger Action Figure
Plushie Toucan
Stuffed Owl
Kitty Cat
Patchwork Kitty
Woody Ape Chimpanzee
Quilt Dachshund
Scout Puppy
Soft Toy Poodle
Toy Robot Dog
Chill Master Duck
Country Singer Duck
Hipster Duck
Pull Along Duck
Big Ears Elephant
Crochet Elephant
Pull Along Elephant
Quilt Elephant
String Puppet Elephant
Pull Along Elephant
Wooden Fox
Plushie Crocodile
Teething Croc
Beady Giraffe
Blocky Smile Giraffe
Musical Toy Giraffe
Dymkovo Goat
Whippy Goat
Woollen Ball Ram
Plasticine Mouse
Bushy Tail Monkey
Cymbal Monkey Toy
King Monkey
School Kid Monkey
Classic Toy  Monkey
Plush Panda
Power Panda
Rocking Panda
Ballerina Coin Piggy
Bobble Head Pig
Handicraft Pig
Blush Doll Bunny
Plush Bunny
Heart Print Rooster
Patchwork Sheep
Rocking Ewe
Spiral Lamb
Plushie Snake

Cow and Calves
Mime Cow
Mime Calf
Patchy Cow
Patchy Calf
Quilt Cow
Quilt Calf
Toy Cow
Toy Calf
Wheel Cow
Wheel Calf

Chicken and Eggs
Baseball Chicken
Baseball Egg
Dymkovo Chicken
Dymkovo Egg
Wheeler Chicken
Wheeler Egg

Magic Deer and Fawns
Patchwork Deer
Patchwork Fawn
Shiny Gold Deer
Shiny Gold Fawn

Horse and Foals
Brown Plasticine Horse
Brown Plasticine Foal
Building Block Horse
Building Block Foal
Candy Stripe Horse
Candy Stripe Foal
Dymkovo Horse
Dymkovo Foal
Geometric Horse
Geometric Foal
Old Carousel Horse
Old Carousel Foal
Patchwork Horse
Patchwork Foal
Plushie Rocking Horse
Plushie Rocking Foal
Printed Rocky Horse
Printed Rocky Foal
Pull-Along Horse
Pull-Along Foal
Red Plushie Horse
Red Plushie Foal
Soft Plushie Horse
Soft Plushie Foal
Stubby Blockish Horse
Stubby Blockish Foal
Tuscan Clay Horse
Tuscan Clay Foal
Vintage Metal Horse
Vintage Metal Foal
Vintage Wheeled Horse
Vintage Wheeled Foal
Wooden Toy Horse
Wooden Toy Foal

Pegacorns and Foals
Action Figure Pegacorn
Action Figure Pegacorn Foal
Magical Crystal Pegacorn
Magical Crystal Pegacorn Foal
Wind Up Pegacorn
Wind Up Pegacorn Foal

Pegasi and Foals
Bright Sun Pegasus
Bright Sun Pegasus Foal
Miniature Pegasus
Miniature Pegasus Foal
Periwinkle Pegasus
Periwinkle Pegasus Foal
Pretty In Pink Pegasus
Pretty In Pink Pegasus Foal
Princess Toy Pegasus
Princess Toy Pegasus Foal
Robotic Pegasus
Robotic Pegasus Foal
Shiny Toy Pegasus
Shiny Toy Pegasus Foal
Steam Punk Pegasus
Steam Punk Pegasus Foal
Toy Princess Pegasus
Toy Princess Pegasus Foal
White Ceramic Pegasus
White Ceramic Pegasus Foal

Ponies and Foals
Candy Ponycorn
Candy Ponycorn Foal
Cowgirl Pony
Cowgirl Pony Foal
Plushie Pony
Plushie Pony Foal
Pretty In Pink Pony
Pretty In Pink Pony Foal
Spring Carousel Horse
Spring Carousel Foal
Wooden Pony
Wooden Pony Foal

Stallions and Colts
Wind Up Stallion
Wind Up Colt

Unicorns and Foals
Bubble Gun Unicorn
Bubble Gun Unicorn Foal
Doll Ride Unicorn
Doll Ride Unicorn Foal
Figurine Princess Unicorn
Figurine Princess Unicorn Foal
Friendly Riding Unicorn
Friendly Riding Unicorn Foal
Plush Unicorn
Plush Unicorn Foal
Quilt Unicorn
Quilt Unicorn Foal
Rainbow Plush Unicorn
Rainbow Plush Unicorn Foal
Wind Up Unicorn
Wind Up Unicorn Foal

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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