Farmville Magic Toy Town Farm The Tower of Pranks

As with Holiday Lights, Emerald Valley, Mediterranean Riviera, Oasis Gardens, Horseman’s Hollow  and Fairy Tale Fields before it, Farmville Magical Toy Town will have a building in which you open craftable presents to earn an unwither ring as the final prize. This time it will be the Tower of Pranks. We expect this building to again be located off farm instead of taking up valuable space. Your Dirt Farmer team has found some images for you, to give you a preview of what to expect. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.
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A look at the popup we will get when the feature goes live

A look at the stages of the building
Some of the prizes that the building will offer in addition to the unwither ring
As usual there will be three different crafts to make to speed up completing the Tower of Pranks and getting your unwither ring. This time the needed item will be Wind Up Keys. There will be a tray, crate and chest of Wind Up Keys that you can craft, and these will likely give 1, 3 and 5 respectively.
A look at the Jack O Lantern Recipes
Knitted Grape Bushel Durian Ball Bushel Felt Rose Bushel 1 Wind Up Key
Tray of Wind-Up Keys 5 Knitted Grape 3 Durian Ball 3 Felt Rose 480 Min/ 8 Hours
Felt Rose Bushel Knitted Grape Bushel Durian Ball Bushel 3 Wind-Up Keys
Crate of Wind-Up Keys 4 Felt Rose 5 Knitted Grape 4 Durian Ball 600 Min/10 Hours
Toy Tulip Bushel Gummy Bear Bushel Felt Rose Bushel 5 Wind-Up Keys
Chest of Wind-Up Keys 5 Toy Tulip 5 Gummy Bear 5 Felt Rose 720 Min/12 Hours
Finally a chart to let you know how many Wind Up Keys you will need to open each gift, and what the prizes are inside.

Level Parts Total : 974 Reward
Level 1 Blocky Cedar Tree
1 x Wind-Up Keys Blocky Cedar Tree
Level 2
3 x Wind-Up Keys Super Fertilizer
Level 3 Patchwork Bear
4 x Wind-Up Keys Patchwork Bear
Level 4
5 x Wind-Up Keys Cow Cycle
Level 5
6 x Wind-Up Keys Instagrow
Level 6 Mime Cow
7 x Wind-Up Keys Mime Cow
Level 7
8 x Wind-Up Keys Reckless Gnome
Level 8
9 x Wind-Up Keys 3 pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 9 Cowboy Cactus Tree
10 x Wind-Up Keys Cowboy Cactus Tree
Level 10
12 x Wind-Up Keys Package of Magical Toy Town Treasure Parts
Level 11 Bulb Tree
13 x Wind-Up Keys Bulb Tree
Level 12
15 x Wind-Up Keys 5 Farmhands
Level 13
19 x Wind-Up Keys Rodeo Ride
Level 14
21 x Wind-Up Keys 3 Unwithers
Level 15 Patchwork Kitty
22 x Wind-Up Keys Patchwork Kitty
Level 16
25 x Wind-Up Keys Instagrow
Level 17 Power Panda
27 x Wind-Up Keys Power Panda
Level 18
30 x Wind-Up Keys 3 pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 19
35 x Wind-Up Keys Toy Treehouse
Level 20
38 x Wind-Up Keys 5 Arborists
Level 21
43 x Wind-Up Keys Kitty Duffel
Level 22
46 x Wind-Up Keys 3 Unwither
Level 23 Cute Saber Tooth
50 x Wind-Up Keys Cute Saber Tooth
Level 24
55 x Wind-Up Keys Package of Magical Toy Town
Treasure Parts
Level 25 Wooden Pony
60 x Wind-Up Keys Wooden Pony
Level 26
65 x Wind-Up Keys 3 pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 27 Quilt Elephant
75 x Wind-Up Keys Quilt Elephant
Level 28
85 x Wind-Up Keys Dance Floor
Level 29 Spiral Lamb
90 x Wind-Up Keys Spiral Lamb
Level 30 Quilt Unicorn
95 x Wind-Up Keys Magical Toy Town Unwither Ring
Quilt Unicorn

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  1. Hope they fix the bug with the Farmhands and Abhorists by the time this farm comes out, as they are not leaving the gift box when we use them.

  2. It's being really stingy with the wind-up keys!

  3. I'm harvesting on Toy Town and not getting any wind up keys


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