Farmville Ghost VS Banshee Personality Voting

It looks like the new upcoming personality voting event from Farmville will have an eerily haunting  Ghost vs. Banshee theme.. Check out The Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at the possible rewards of this voting event and don’t forget to share our post with your friends if you find it helpful.

Farmville Ghost Vs Banshee Personality Voting Event will be available on our farms from 29th October 2014 19th November 2014

First  a look at the final stages of both sides of the voting buildings we will get to keep once the event is completed
Left Side
(You will receive when you have more left votes than right ones on the first time you complete the 12 steps)
Right Side
(You will receive when you have more right votes than left ones
on the first time you complete the 12 steps
If you have difficulty getting votes, join the Dirt Farmer’s Vote Help Group. You do not need to be Facebook Friends or Farmville Neighbors to vote for one another.

The path on the left will give you the building on the left that shows the eerie lights glowing in the windows with the shadow in one hinting at an active haunting. The path on the right will give you the building on the right that shows the treehouse with the rickety staircase and darkened windows behind which who knows what evil may lurk? Remember that you only need to get the majority of rewards on one side, not all to get the building of your choice. Also remember that whichever side you get the majority of rewards from on your FIRST run through, will be the building you will keep, regardless of how many times you do it again.

Now a look at the CONFIRMED rewards:


Silent Player Monkey

Stage 1

Speak Out Monkey

Druid Gnome

Stage 2

United Gnomes

Spooky Haunted House

Stage 3

Creepy Floating Tree

Seed of Life Tree

Stage 4

Tree of Omega

Phantom Hawk

Stage 5

Hooded Crow

Piano Owl

Stage 6

Moaning Snow Owl

Army of Gnomes

Stage 7

Goddess Gnomette

Ghostly Wolf

Stage 8

Zombie Wolf

Ethereal Mammoth

Stage 9

Lively Elephant

Mysterious Bear

Stage 10

Monster Bear

Gastly Giant Wheel

Stage 11

Lively Courthouse

Spirit Pegasus

Stage 12

Pegasus In Disguise

And finally a look at the offspring of voting rewards

 Pegasus in Disguise Foal
Spirit Pegasus Foal
That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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  1. WOW love this one... like both sides but will go for the right building and do it all twice as there's great deco on both sides... zynga have really given us a lot this halloween.

    1. Jackie, might I make a suggestion for "ease"--find a farmville friend to partner up with who will "custom" share prizes just with you for one round--this will get you both set of prizes in about a week(also recommend using the dirtfarmer voting group to get votes done quickly, if you don't get them done quickly). I know people who pair up and it gives them the security of getting all the prizes without major effort(mind be forgiving when something goes wrong and one of the prizes gets lost thanks to glitches)

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