Farmville Daily Delights

#Zynga #Farmville may soon release a brand new redeem feature entitled, "Daily Delights" to our farms… Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for more info and a sneak peek at the possible rewards of this feature and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

The Farmville Daily Delights will be available on our farms starting 13th October 2014

A look at the Daily Delights building which will be located at the outside edge of your farm 

A look inside the feature

A look at the pop up we'll receive for redeeming our bonus rewards

A look at the tutorial images we have found for the Farmville Daily Delights

Daily Delights will be a daily check-in feature in which there will be 4 different stages… You will need to collect 7 of the daily required items to redeem them for rewards and to be able to win the bonus item for collecting all daily requirements for a week. Now Let’s take a look at the stages, the daily requirements and rewards you will be able to redeem per stage

Stage Name
Reward 1
Reward 2
Reward 3
Bonus Reward
1 Large Can of Fuel 
(Costs 1 Cupcake)
2 Unwither Spray
(Costs 3 Cupcakes)
1 Instagrow Potion
(Costs 5 Cupcakes)
1 Orchid Pegacorn
1 Large Can of Fuel
(Costs 1 Donut)
2 Unwither Spray
(Costs 3 Donuts)
1 Instagrow Potion
(Costs 5 Donuts)
1 Fairy Lights Unicorn

Candy Floss
1 Large Can of Fuel
(Costs 1 Lollipop)
2 Unwither Spray
(Costs 3 Lollipops)
1 Instagrow Potion
(Costs 5 Lollipops)
1 Celebration Unicorn
Gingerbread Star
1 Large Can of Fuel
(Costs 1 Ice Cream)
2 Unwither Spray
(Costs 3 Ice Creams)
1 Instagrow Potion
(Costs 5 Ice Creams)
1 Silver Bells Pegasus

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and info...

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  1. Ok I have finished everyone of these Daily Delights Quests and not one time have I gotten my reward why is that?

  2. Daily Delights quest has just been removed from Farmville without any previous announcement or advice. I hope it will be restored soon.

  3. I have got my daily delight EVERY day. Two days ago, all the previous checks disappeared and browned out like I didn't get them. It's only showing I've collected the past 2 days. And it doesn't appear there is no support any more so didn't know where to post this.


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