Farmville Horseman’s Hollow Farm Animals

As with every new farm expansion #Zynga #Farmville releases, the Horseman’s Hollow will have its own set of unique animals… Unfortunately this time, they won’t be with an original new theme as Horseman’s Hollow is our second Halloween farm after the Haunted Hollow.. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for a sneak peek at these all new animals and please don’t forget to share them with your friends if you find our post helpful.

For more information regarding Farmville Horseman's Hollow Farm, check out the Dirt Farmer's Horseman's Hollow Farm Complete Guide

Haloween Bear Happy Fall Bear Wax Back Bear Dam Builder Beaver
Fall Fur Lion Hocus Pocus Owl Spooky Owl Witchy Owl
Bell Bow Kitten Black Witch’s Cat Fall Queen Cat Holy Wagon Cat
Leaf Picking Cat Persian Vampire Cat Witch Cat Saberlion Cub
Cerebus The Great Cutesy Pup Devil’s Dog Franks Dog
Ghostly Stray Pup Noble Dog Rocker Doggie Shark Puppy
Autumn Dragon Hollow Dice Dragon Tainted Blood Dragon Gorgeous Mandarin Duck
Legendary Swedish Duckling Basket Juggling Elephant Cute Witchy Elephant An Autumn Raven
Evil Smile Boar Nevermore Raven Wise Crow Witch Doctors Owl
Superstitious Goat Apple Eater Monkey Hedgemonk Monkey Vampire Panda
Chariot Panda Majestic Peacock Cobwed Pig From Fall Pig
Magistrate Pig Mystic Pig Fall Furry Rooster Whimscical Rooster
Counsil Sheep Curled Wool Sheep Fall Leaves Sheep Lonley Sheep
Spiral Candy Sheep Squicula The Squirrel All Hallow Tortoise Dire Wolf

Beautiful Van Swan

Cows and Calves

Bumble Bee Cow Bumble Bee Calf Clown Cow Clown Calf
Creepy Halloween Cow Creepy Halloween Calf Detective Cow Detective Calf
Fall Parade Cow Fall Parade Calf Tiara Cow Tiara Calf

Witch Cow Witch Calf

Chicken and Eggs
Belly Pumpkin Chicken Belly Pumpkin Egg Moon Carrier Chicken Moon Carrier Egg
Pumpkin Belly Chicken Pumpkin Belly Egg

Donkey and Foals

Bonfire Helper Mule Bonfire Helper Mule Foal

Dream Deer Woods Deer and Fawns

A Purple Candle Deer A Purple Candle Fawn Spooky Lights Deer Spooky Lights Fawn

Horse and Foals

Autumn Fall Horse Autumn Fall Foal Escaped Wagon Horse Escaped Wagon Foal
Huffy Hatted Horse Huffy Hatted Foal Horseman Horse Horseman Horse Foal
Netherworld Horse Netherworld Foal Spooky Eyed Horse Spooky Eyed Foal
Spooky Lantern Horse Spooky Lantern Foal Sweet Shirely Horse Sweet Shirely Foal
Trick or Treat Horse Trick or Treat Foal Wizard Horse Wizard Foal

Pegacorn and Foals

Baffling Pegacorn Baffling Pegacorn Foal Crimson Joy Pegacorn Crimson Joy Pegacorn Foal
Horsemans Hollow Pegacorn Horsemans Hollow Pegacorn Foal Magicians Pegacorn Magicians Pegacorn Foal
Magma Pegacorn Magma Pegacorn Foal Maple Winged Pegacorn Maple Winged Pegacorn Foal
Pumpkin Fury Pegacorn Pumpkin Fury Pegacorn Foal Tweed Pegacorn Tweed Pegacorn Foal
Ultimate Nemesis Pegacorn Ultimate Nemesis Pegacorn Foal Vlad The Pegacorn Vlad The Pegacorn Foal

Pegasus and Foals

Deety Pegasus Deety Pegasus Foal Nightmare Pegasus Nightmare Pegasus Foal
Onlooker Pegasus Onlooker Pegasus Foal Red Winged Pegasus Red Winged Pegasus Foal
Spooky Scarlet Pegasus Spooky Scarlet Pegasus Woodsy Fall Pegasus Woodsy Fall Pegasus Foal

Ponies and Foals

Autumn Fairy Pony Autumn Fairy Pony Foal Black Hawk Pony Black Hawk Pony Foal
Magic Pony Magic Pony Foal Mystical Fall Pony Mystical Fall Pony Foal

Stallions and Colts

Brownwood Stallion Brownwood Colt Feather Spirit Stallion Feather Spirit Colt

Unicorns and Foals

Enchanted Unicorn Enchanted Unicorn Foal Fallfly Unicorn Fallfly Unicorn Foal
Guardian Unicorn Guardian Unicorn Foal Incipient Unicorn Incipient Unicorn Foal
Messenger Unicorn Messenger Unicorn Foal Spooky Bride Unicorn Spooky Bride Unicorn Foal
Wedding Pastor Unicorn Wedding Pastor Unicorn Foal

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