Can’t Load Farmville And It Might Be Your ISP? ? Read This For A Workaround

Have you been UNABLE TO LOAD FARMVILLE for a prolonged period of time? Customer support stymied, because your account loads easily for them? Your Dirt Farmer team has found a workaround for you to help you get back in the game. This may not work for everyone, but should at least work for most.  MAKE SURE TO READ THE FULL POST AND FOLLOW IT STEP BY STEP! If you miss even one step, the workaround will not help you. Heartfelt thanks to members of our ASK the Dirt Farmer group and especially to FARMER APRIL for their assistance in extensively testing this workaround.

What the Issue and Workaround Are

Beginning around 8th July,2014 many farmers found themselves suddenly unable to load Farmville. Visits to support were fruitless – the player’s accounts loaded right up for them. Through discussion and investigation, your Dirt Farmer team discovered that the majority of affected users were customers of the same Internet Service Provider or ISP , Verizon. Many were also located within a 4 state area in the US. Players who took laptops to public areas with different ISPs were able to load with no issue. Players who switched to other Internet Service Providers also found easy loading and play the result. Unfortunately, for at least most of the affected players no help has been forthcoming from Verizon, only denials.  Zynga is actively looking into the issue and will be contacting Verizon with their results. There is no guarantee of resolution in the future as it is not an issue with the game itself.  In the meantime it is no fun for a farmer to be unable to farm .

Your Dirt Farmer team has been searching for a way to help these players. We found it in this article from Lifehacker. They are posting a workaround for slow Netflix speeds. The Farmville issue falls under the same premise of access to high bandwidth ( which basically means uses a lot of internet power) websites being throttled by some ISPs. The recommendation which worked well in their tests was to use a VPN.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network has multiple purposes. It increases privacy by hiding your location and information – and re-routes your traffic to do so. By doing this re-routing, it takes you off of the more congested locations on the internet and gives you a different path that is faster. The privacy aspect hides your location and where you are going from everyone – including your ISP – making it impossible for them to detect when you are going to a high bandwidth site and throttle it. Therefore you can get through and at the speeds that you are paying for.

Lifehacker recommends several VPN services as among the best in their opinion. Most of these involve a monthly or annual subscription fee. There is one however, CyberGhost , which offers a free option.

Thanks to Dirt Farmer Sarah, we now also have another option even simpler option  - HOLA which is also free. Hola does not have nag screens or any time limits requiring restart. If one does not work for you, try the other.

Again we offer heartfelt thanks to FARMER APRIL who installed the CyberGhost program and played with it for several days, giving us frequent and invaluable updates as to how well it was working for her.

If you decide to try it


You can play the game again

It offers an additional layer of privacy protection

It may also improve your results on other high bandwidth sites such as Netflix and YouTube.


The free version of CyberGhost will automatically shut off every 3 hours. (You can immediately re-start it) Hola will not do this

It involves an additional program and will use some memory which may slow you down if you have an older or slower computer.

The free version of CyberGhost will also give you a “nag” screen to upgrade to the subscription version every time you load it. There is no time limit on the free version and if you are willing to deal with that and the re-starts, you can use it as long as you like. If you do not wish to deal with those two cons, you can switch to HOLA which does not do this, upgrade to the subscription version, or choose another to subscribe to.

Since the free farm cash ads are location targeted, you may not see any while using this program as it hides your location (though Farm Cash is only useful if you can play Farmville) A possible workaround would be to see if the game will load enough to see any that may be available to you before turning on CyberGhost.

How to Do the Workaround

Click "Start Using Hola it's free"

Click "Add to Chrome 

That's it you're done!

For CyberGhost

Download CyberGhost from here.

When it finishes downloading, click on the program from the bottom of your browser window or your downloads folder. When it launches, read and decide if you wish to accept the License Agreement (you can only use the program if you opt to accept the license.) then wait for the program to install.

You may get a pop-up like this one asking if you really want to install. Click install if you do.

When it is done installing, launch it from programs. It will launch with the subscription nag screen which you can close with the x in the upper right corner

You will then see the following screen with the country you live in and your real ip address. Simply click on the big yellow button at the bottom. The service will automatically locate you on another ip in a different country.

You will see connecting at top and then connected when it is ready to use. You will also see your simulated location and IP on CyberGhost’s servers. This screen will also show the number of users connected to that particular server. If it is unusually high, that may slow you down. If you prefer to try another server, you can simply press the yellow button to have another assigned. It is possible to choose manually, but this is more complex and it is best to stay with the automatic setting unless you are very tech savvy.

Once it is connected click on the gear in the upper right to access settings

Then either check  BOTH “Automatically Start During System Startup”  and “Establish Connection After Startup” or just “Establish Connection After Startup” if you wish to start the program manually. DO NOT EVER CHECK AUTO START WITHOUT ESTABLISH CONNECTION OR YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO ACCESS THE INTERNET UNTIL YOU FIX IT.

If your browser is suddenly in the language of the country you are using an IP from, click the gear again, click the PRIVACY CONTROL tab and uncheck “Change Browser Language With Server Location”

Some GOOGLE CHROME  and Chrome based browser users have issues using CyberGhost alone. If you do, there is a CyberGhost browser extension which fixes them .You can get it here.

Simply click on the +Free in the upper right corner and it will be added to Chrome. If you have issues in the future, simply check to make sure it’s still enabled.

That’s it! You should now be able to load your farm and HAVE FUN!

That’s all for now. Hope this workaround helps you to get back into the game… If you have any questions or need help, simply join our ASK the Dirt Farmer group. Stay Tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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  1. Thanks for the article Heather. A VPN or DNS service can actually improve Verizon's speed regarding video streaming. I am currently using UnoTelly and I can notice the difference especially on Netflix.


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