The Farmville Gift Box Made Easier Complete Guide

In this prior post we alerted you to upcoming changes to the Gift Box that Farmville General Manager Shailesh and his team were planning. Remember that they had identified a bug that was causing frequent whoa farmer errors caused by the gift box being over the limit. We let you know that going forward, you wouldn’t be able to collect from the craft shop or possibly claim items unless your gift box was within limits. Prior to that  becoming a reality a change was planned to make cleaning the gift box easier. That change is NOW LIVE! It is now much easier to control and clean your gift box. Shailesh and team have put you back in the driver’s seat. Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you, to help you understand the ins and outs of this new feature. For the complete guide to gift box capacity, click  here. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.


With the release of this feature the 10,000 total item limit has been REMOVED. You can now have the same 500 unique items (squares) THE UNIQUE ITEM LIMIT WAS INCREASED TO 1,000 ON NOVEMBER 6, 2015. but up to 9,999 of each item! Big thanks to Shailesh and team for making this even better!

As of the enhance on 30th July, 2014, Shailesh and team have again heard your voices. In addition to some bug fixes, which have been updated in yellow below, ITEMS LOCKED TO THE CURRENT FARM NOW DISPLAY AS SUCH IN THE GIFT BOX

Update 31st July,2014 

One oddity that you may notice is that some older items show "locked to home" in the gift box, but it's in blue not red on every farm and you can place the items on any farm anyway. Do not worry, there is no plan to lock these items. These are simply items that have a level or other requirement before being able to be placed on other farms. Once that requirement has been met, the lettering turns from red to blue and you can place on any farm. If  yours is in blue, do not worry, you can use it wherever you wish. 

Thanks to Farmer M.Serena of our ASK the Dirt Farmer Group  for reporting this oddity so we could look into it, and to Shailesh and Vatsa at Zynga for the clarification.

 Upon loading your farm the first thing you will notice is a greatly reduced number on your gift box icon. Do not worry, you have not lost anything. Instead of showing total items as in the past, the icon now shows you how many unique (different items which means anything that occupies one square regardless of how many you have) items. 

You will no longer be able to see the actual total number of items you have in your gift box in this area while traveling or on one farm , as it is no longer relevant with the change to limit of 9,999 per item.

Once inside the gift box you will also see at top how many of the 1,000 allowed unique items you have

If you are over the 500 unique item limit and need to clean out, it will be flashing in red (increased to 1,000 on November 6, 2015)

There will also be a red exclamation point over the gift box icon if you are over the 1,000 unique limit 

To sell items you will need to tick the small box below the item

Update : As of the enhance on 30th July, 2014, the text on the check box has been changed from "select" to "sell' to avoid confusion.

Or if there is nothing on that page that you want to keep, then you can simply click “Select All on Page”

If you make a mistake and choose something you do not want to sell, you can either un-tick the box, or if multiple items click “De-Select All on Page”

Once you have made your selections click “ Sell Selected”

A box will then pop up that looks like this.

If you do not want to sell all of an item, you can use the down arrow or simply click in the box and type the amount you want to sell (Note: The up arrow does not yet work for going back to zero from max, for example if you had 510 watering cans and wanted to sell 10, we have asked Shailesh and team if it can be enabled to do so.

As of the enhance on 30th July,2014 the issue with changing quantities appears to have been fixed. You can now alter quantities and things will sell as you set them.

When you are satisfied with your selections, you will see the coins you will earn at bottom and simply click “Sell Now”

In another convenient twist the gift box now LOOPS. When you get to page 1 there is still a back arrow and there is still a forward arrow on the last page - allowing you to go from first page to last or vice versa.

Note: The gift box still "jumps back" to the opening page or the last page you clicked "use" on an item on. We have asked them to eliminate this as well, and awaiting word. In the interim, clicking "use" on an item then reopening the gift box will cause the page to stick to the one you're on.

Mystery bulbs from blooms appear to have an issue. You can check the box and select the full amount but it will not sell any, all will remain in your gift box. You have to enter the number one or two (numbers larger than one  will only work if you have more than one that will grow to same flower) and repeat. It is likely because mystery bulbs are the one mystery item that is  not a mystery and each one is coded to be what it will grow to be regardless if from your own or feed.  Babies and seedlings determine what they are when placed on the farm. There are therefore several different things in that one slot. We let Zynga know and hopefully that will be fixed to multi-sell soon.

Regifting has also been fixed. When you have used up your allotment of re-gifts for the day, the button will now grey out and remain greyed out, instead of going back to purple and causing whoa farmer when you attempt to re-gift items.

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  1. Every time I trie to Re-Gift I get Whoa Farmer irregardless if I SHOULD be able to Re-Gift or not.....


    1. Keep a list.....notepad is a click away, and notebooks and notepaper are really cheap....

  3. I like being able to sell all on one page it makes it faster to get rid of unwanted gifts.

  4. I still dont like the gift box, wish they would color code the items to the farms they go to and either make the collection go strait to ollections or put a USE ALL button on them. 1 at a time is a pain in the butt.

  5. How long to we have to get the numbers reduced in our gift boxes? I am working on it but I have a lot to do still!

    There are some things that need to have "USE ALL" options. Some of the fuel and XP come to mind.

    Could we get the items that have a tag that tell us something is locked to a certain farm when we are on a different farm to also let us know an item belong there when we actually ARE on that farm. There are a lot of farms and a little help to remember would be appreciated! It is so frustrating to do a circuit through the farms, get to a farm and realize that a certain item should have been left on a previous farm, you don't plan to go back immediately and will probably forget about it before you do! The tag is there on a different farm, why can't it remain there?

  6. Why can't we just select all of my gifts and i mean all of my gifts in one click and sell?
    I used to be able to to do this years ago and yall took that feature out.
    Can ya put it back in!
    I have too many to do empty box as yall have it now?

  7. Thank you so much for this game. I really appreciate all efforts placed forward to us. It's a excellent game with good family values making it very popular around the world.

  8. I agree with a previous comment about having a "USE ALL" button on some items, such as XP, (EXPECIALLY the XP!), another could be a pop-up with a roller number selector like for some of the fuel or in the Market Stall when sharing bushels.


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